Watch: Violent Clash in Washington State: Trump Supporters, 1; Hapless Antifa Clowns: 0 — Final Score

Watch: Violent Clash in Washington State: Trump Supporters, 1; Hapless Antifa Clowns: 0 — Final Score
AP Photo/Paula Bronstein

In one of their best efforts of the season, Trump supporters in Olympia, Washington, on Saturday delivered a crushing defeat to an overmatched Antifa team that, quite frankly, played like it should have stayed in the locker room. This game was over before it started.

Team Antifa has not yet released an injury report, but it appears all but certain they’ll be without several key players in their next game, if not for the remainder of the season.

As reported by the Washington Examiner and other news outlets, “counterprotesters” [Really, Washington Examiner?] clashed with Trump supporters rallying in Washington State on Saturday in support of President Trump’s continuing election challenges.

A group of Trump supporters had reportedly gathered at the Washington Capitol building, at which point Team Antifa took the field, as well. Journalist Andy Ngô reported that Trump supporters fought back against the goons after they tried to burn a stolen American flag.

“If you guys burn that flag, it’s not gonna end good.” Bad move. As quoted by Ngô:

“You f**k with our flag, we f**k you up! We’re not gonna take this!”

Grab the popcorn, sports fans, it’s game time!

Check out this awesome action. Poor bastards had no idea what just happened to them.

Here’s another angle — up close and personal.

Then a gunshot. “Looks like maybe green hoodie man fired the shot to me,” tweeted “MAGA Downfall Documentarian.”

Olympia police said both groups began to disperse by 7:00 p.m., but not before shots were fired, as reported by Independent Media PDX.

Police reported that one person was charged with felony assault and an additional reckless endangerment charge has been filed against another suspect.

“Individual who fired his gun earlier in the day can be seen at the :23 second mark pointing his firearm at protesters. According to an Olympia Police officer, that individual has been arrested & they are currently investigating the shooting.”

It baffles me why these idiots don’t think ahead — particularly after the festivities that played out across the country in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death — and say to themselves, “Ya know, I probably shouldn’t pack heat when I’m headed to a ‘peaceful protest.'” Then again, “idiots” and “think” are the operative words.

Olympia Police released the following statement, as reported by Shore News.

“We did make an arrest for a subject that appeared to fire at least one round from a handgun into the opposing crowd. Any witnesses to that crime should contact @OlyPD through the 911 system,” the department said in a statement obtained tonight by Shore News.

“We do have a person in custody for the shooting and detectives investigating. We have evidence but would very much like to speak to those present, especially the person who looks to have been injured.”

At publishing time, details of the next match-up between the bitter rivals had not been released — although the game will no doubt be played in a Democrat-run city.

In other election-protest news, lawyer Sidney Powell returned to Newsmax TV on Friday night with another sackful of allegations of massive voter fraud, although this time, she didn’t declare her “evidence” to be “biblical.”

She’s Back: Sidney Powell Returns to Newsmax TV to Talk Pre-Marked Biden Votes, Bags of Shredded Ballots, Plenty of Time to Overturn Election Results

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