Schumer in Private Calls: Dems Chances to Regain Senate Control Doomed by RBG's Death & Cal Cunningham's 'Zipper' Problem

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In this episode of “The Adventures of Chucky”…

As the internecine warfare and self-flagellation within the Democrat Party continue after the beatdown it suffered in last month’s election, courtesy of responsible, values-based voters who spoke loud and clear that a majority of Americans are not on board the defund movement, massive wealth redistribution, and all other such far-left tripe, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has talked in private phone calls about why he believes Democrat hopes to regain control of the Senate were doomed from the outset, as reported by Axios.


And of course, Chucky being Chucky, he’s pointing fingers at everybody but himself.

In one recent call with donors, Schumer lamented that the Democrats’ best chance of regaining control of the Senate was squashed, according to Axios, by the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and North Carolina Senate candidate Cal Cunningham’s extramarital affair; about which Schumer told donors ol’ Cal “couldn’t keep his zipper up.”

Axios reports that Schumer has made the “zipper” comment on numerous calls, according to sources with direct knowledge of the conversations.

Prior to ZipperGate, many analysts believed Cunningham had a good chance of unseating GOP Sen. Thom Tillis, who was ultimately declared the winner in a tight race.

The Senate balance stands 50-48, Republicans over Democrats, with control of the upper chamber to be determined in two Jan. 5 runoff elections in Georgia. The Democrats must win both races to regain the majority, assuming Biden is ultimately certified as the winner of the presidential election, which would make Willie Brown’s Kamala Harris as vice president the tie-breaker vote.

Schumer told donors Republican Susan Collins [only] won reelection in Maine because of her opposition to Amy Coney Barrett filling Gunburg’s vacated seat prior to the election. Collins’s defection proved moot; Barrett was confirmed by 52 of 53 Republican votes.


Incidentally, perhaps Chucky “forgot” that Collins cast the swing vote in favor of confirming Brett Kavanaugh to SCOTUS in early October 2018.

In another excuse offered up by Schumer, one source told Axios the New York senior senator told donors he regretted being unsuccessful in his attempt to recruit failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams to run for a Senate seat in Georgia.

Adams, you might recall, claimed she actually won the 2018 gubernatorial race and still insists she won — not unlike Hillary Clinton still blaming everything and everybody on the planet for her 2016 loss to Donald Trump; except herself, of course.

Just a thought.

Schumer’s excuses ignore the reality that Nancy Pelosi’s House Democrat Caucus got throttled in the election, principally due to far-left support of the defund movement, so-called “Medicare for All” — government-administered health care — and other such socialist nonsense. In addition, the refusal of Pelosi and Schumer to compromise with Trump and the Republicans on a second, stripped-down, COVID relief package — out of fear of Trump receiving credit prior to the election — did not sit well with voters either.

Texas Sen. Tom Cotton talked about that very issue on Tuesday on the Senate floor.

“We all have bipartisan agreement to support those people who are still in need, yet Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi will not relent on their $3.5 trillion wish list.”



Meanwhile, Schumer whines on. On Tuesday he whined on the Senate floor about potential Senate Republican opposition to Biden cabinet selections.

“If Senate Republicans are concerned about someone who made controversial comments running OMB, perhaps they shouldn’t have confirmed Russell Vought who once said ‘Muslims… do not know God because they have rejected Jesus Christ his son.'”

[Rolling-eyes emoji]

Schumer was referring to Biden’s pick for director of the Office of Management and Budget, Neera Tandan, who in 2016 spread wild conspiracy theories about Russian vote-hackers, all the while denying that Hillary Clinton lost the election.

Speaking of Chucky and Biden’s cabinet choices, in an article titled Schumer Uses COVID to Claim It’s ‘Imperative’ for Senate to Hold Hearings for Biden’s Cabinet Before He’s Inaugurated, I reported on Schumer’s Monday theatrics on the floor of the Senate in which he melodramatically declared that America is “in the midst of this once-in-a-century crisis,” as a reason Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell should schedule confirmation hearings for Biden’s cabinet picks immediate after the Jan. 5 Georgia runoff elections; two weeks before Biden will presumably be inaugurated.


Chuck Schumer’s excuses for why he believes the Democrats are doomed — at least to the extent that he’s reportedly told donors — are just that. Excuses.

Still, it’s far more fun to think about Chucky anguishing that were it not for a zipper that refused to stay up, he might’ve become Senate Majority Leader in less than two months.

Poor Chucky, America.


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