Freshman GOP Congresswoman Has Only Been in DC a Week and She's Already Kicking Butt and Taking Names

Meet Marjorie Taylor Greene, Georgia’s new 14th District congresswoman. The small business owner and first-time politician showed up in Washington, D.C., for freshman orientation on Monday ready to do more than learn the basics of Congress; Greene immediately took on a number of issues, including mask mandates, COVID shutdowns, and even a popular Republican Congressman over election fraud.


Slamming “Democrat tyrannical control,” the outspoken Greene has not been shy about fighting against Pelosi and the Democrats, or even Republicans with whom she disagrees, as reported by Fox News.

Greene told Fox she will fight against any effort to require masks, mandate a vaccine, or more lockdowns, which Biden danced around during the campaign like he was walking barefoot through hot coals. Greene said she believes in personal choice and that COVID restrictions hurt too many people, both economically and psychologically.

The former gym owner and ex-CrossFit competitor told Fox she’s particularly concerned about the impact of mask mandates on children and working people.

“I think it’s horrible what we’re doing to this generation of children with these mask mandates and these shutdowns. I personally believe the best way to stimulate the economy is to open up and let people go to work.”

Greene’s attacks on mask mandates, which she calls “oppressive,” have already gotten the attention of Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has flip-flopped on his position on mask-wearing more often than the International House of Pancakes making breakfast. Greene took a shot at Fauci on Twitter on Thursday after he called her comments about mandatory masks “really very disturbing.”


Greene made it clear during her primary victory speech that she had no intention of going to D.C. to play nice with the Democrats, calling Speaker Nancy Pelosi a “b**ch,” as in:

“She’s a hypocrite. She’s anti-American. And we’re going to kick that b**ch out of Congress.”

Speaking about the beatdown delivered to Pelosi’s House Democrats in the election, Greene said: “I think Speaker Pelosi should see this as a wake-up call that their socialist policies are not resonating with Americans.”

To Greene’s point, as I reported last week in an article titled “Kevin McCarthy Claps Back at Pelosi’s Delusional ‘Mandate’ Claim: ‘It Was a Mandate — Against Socialism!’,” the House Majority Leader mocked Pelosi’s claim of voters giving the Democrats a mandate, saying the mandate was against socialism, as evidenced by unexpected GOP House gains.

Greene has also put Congressional Republicans on notice. She told Fox she not only intends to hold her GOP colleagues accountable but also wants to continue “pulling the party to the right,” and that she intends to join the conservative House Freedom Caucus. Among her goals are outlawing abortion, protecting Second Amendment rights, and fighting “big tech censorship” of conservative viewpoints.


Greene engaged in a Twitter spat with popular Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw following the election over President Trump’s charges of massive election fraud after Crenshaw said: “If Trump loses, he loses. It was never an impossible outcome and we must accept the final results when it is over.”

“The time to STAND UP for @realDonaldTrump is RIGHT NOW!,” Greene fired back, calling Crenshaw’s comments “a loser mindset.”

It’s safe to say we will hear more — a lot more — from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene over at least the next two years. She has no plans to back down from anyone or any cause she believes is worth fighting for.

“There is no way in hell I want to be in Congress if I’m not going to do exactly what I came here for. I’m not worried about people’s opinions of me. I don’t care about articles written about me.

“I don’t need to feel accepted. I’m here literally to fight the fight. Because if I wasn’t here for that, I would be much happier at home, living my private, wonderful, beautiful life.”


“I won’t back down,” she said, “and that’s what people can expect.”

I’m pretty sure Marjorie Taylor Greene meant exactly that.

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