Kevin McCarthy Claps Back at Pelosi's Delusional 'Mandate' Claim: 'It Was a Mandate — Against Socialism!'

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During comments on the state of the House election results and the Republican Caucus on Thursday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy mocked Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s delusional declaration that Democrats received a “mandate” from voters in last week’s election.


Pelosi was classic full-metal-jacket Pelosi delusional.

Pelosi didn’t just claim any old mandate; she claimed a mandate for Biden — never mind that the election has not been certified — bigger than the mandate given John F. Kennedy in 1960.

McCarthy, meanwhile, dismissed Pelosi out of hand.

Here’s one more “Nancy moment” in all its delusional glory.

Reporter: “Do you take any responsibility for the loss of House seats?”

Pelosi: “I accept credit for winning the majority and holding the House.”

Of course, she did. Silly Pelosi theater at its best.

During McCarthy’s remarks on the reality of the results in House, he chided Pelosi for claiming the 2020 House election was actually going to be two elections.


“Every Democrat incumbent who lost lost to a woman, a minority, or a veteran Republican. Meanwhile, Democrats are set to have the slimmest Democrat majority since World War Two. Pundits doubted us, polls were stacked against us, and I don’t believe one person in this room believed we’d win one race. […]

“Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, claimed that she was not only winning the majority; she was having two elections this November — that it would be such a large majority, she would guarantee the majority for next election, as well.”

I heard the Speaker call it a mandate. It was a mandate  – against socialism,” McCarthy taunted. “While the Democrats praised socialism and advocated to defund the police, our members made a commitment to America, that they would restore our way of life, rebuild our economy, and renew the American dream. ”

“This election cycle has made one thing clear, the House Minority Leader said, “the Republican Party is now the party of the American worker. That is the actual mandate that we had from the voters,” he added.

And how is Pelosi’s declared “mandate” playing out in the Senate?

According to the Washington Post’s live update, “as we now speak,” the Republicans hold a 50-48 edge, with two monster runoff elections in Georgia on January 5 that will determine which party controls the Senate — of which the GOP must win just one in order to remain the majority. Chances are they’ll win both, but regardless of what happens, the U.S. Senate hardly serves as an example of Pelosi’s pretend mandate.


Meanwhile, Georgetown University law professor Jonathan Turley on Wednesday said that, despite declarations from Democrats and much of the media that the result of the presidential election is a foregone conclusion, it was too soon to make the call.

“We are finishing only the second of four stages of the election. After the voting stage, states entered the tabulation stage. We will soon begin the canvass stage, in which local districts confirm their counts and can face challenges or recounts. Finally, there is the certification stage, for which final challenges can be raised. Trump is not deceased just yet.”

When the final stamp is put on the 2020 election, one thing will be clear. Nancy Pelosi is just as delusional as she ever was, and even better, she’s completely clueless to that fact.


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