House Dems Back 'Fearless Leader' Pelosi for Speaker, Along With Her Two Fellow Octogenarian Sidekicks

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So much for “forward-thinking” Democrats. “AOC-style,” I mean. House Democrats on Wednesday tapped 80-year-old Nancy Pelosi as their candidate for Speaker in the next Congress and were expected to nominate 81-year-old Steny Hoyer of Maryland to remain as Majority Leader and 80-year-old James Clyburn of South Carolina as Majority Whip.


For those of you keeping score at home, that’s a combined age of 241 years. Moreover, the octogenarian trio has led the Democrat Caucus for the last 14 years. Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez and her fellow Squad members were unavailable for comment. [sarc]

As reported by Fox News, votes were cast by secret ballot (we wouldn’t want Madam Speaker to know who voted against her now, would we?) during a virtual meeting of the Democrat House Caucus. The full House will vote for Speaker on January 3, with Pelosi facing Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA) for the gavel.

The majority party generally wins, and I’m sure Pelosi will continue to clutch the gavel in her bony little hands hold onto the gavel, but after the Democrats were shellacked in the election, their soon-to-be razor-thin majority will certainly make things interesting for the Speaker, who has faced heat from her fellow House Democrats for failing to compromise with the Republicans on a second round of COVID Relief legislation.

Nonetheless, all was well in San Fran Nan’s queendom on Wednesday, with the House Democrat Caucus tweeting:

“Congratulations to Speaker Pelosi, once again elected by House Democrats to be our fearless leader and nominee for Speaker of the House for the 117th Congress!”


Oh yippee. Check out the hashtag #DownWtihDNP. “Down with Nancy Pelosi.” You know, in a “hip” kinda way. No doubt AOC & Co. would have loved nothing more than to see Pelosi go down in flames, and a younger more “progressive” (socialist) member become Speaker in January.

In a sign of just how precarious the Democrat majority is, Pelosi and other House Democrat leaders are discouraging their Democrat colleagues from taking jobs in a Biden administration, should Biden officially declared the winner of the election, out of fear that Republicans could continue the shellacking by grabbing vacated Democrat seats.

But Pelosi, being the deluded partisan hack she is, has insisted that Biden and the Democrats, including her House Democrat Caucus, were given a “mandate” by voters.


As I reported last week in an article titled Kevin McCarthy Claps Back at Pelosi’s Delusional ‘Mandate’ Claim: ‘It Was a Mandate — Against Socialism!’, Pelosi claimed that Biden’s “mandate” — never mind that the election has not been certified — was bigger than the mandate given John F. Kennedy in 1960. While JFK’s win over Richard Nixon was razor-thin, there was a sense that a page in history had been turned, as the 43-year-old visionary Democrat famously admonished Americans: “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”

Speaking of which, can you imagine the histrionic meltdown on the Left if a Democrat were to make that statement today? After they were finished calling him a “racist” and a “white supremacist,” all hell would break loose in the Democrat Party, but I digress.

Anyway, my only concern for Madam Speaker come January, in the event that Biden becomes president, that is, is what she’ll do with all of her newfound free time. The time freed up by no longer plotting and scheming against Donald Trump, who has lived rent-free in her TDS-riddled head 24x7x365 for four years. No longer working to block Trump at every turn — solely out of petty fear that he might be given credit for compromise legislation. Yes, Nancy Pelosi will have to recalibrate that oft-times vacant brain of hers.


Finally, while some on our side of the aisle will no doubt be disappointed by the news that Nancy Pelosi will not go down in flames — at least not for a while — I, on the other hand, am near-giddy about it. While the election might not have turned out as we hoped, what could be better than having Nancy Pelosi to kick around for four more years?


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