He's Back: Keith Olbermann Wants Trump 'Removed and Arrested,' Calls President's 69M Voters 'Morons'

Keith Olbermann

Generally, disclaimers come at the end of articles, but let me start out with one: former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann is irrelevant. While his bitterness and deluded views are shared by untold numbers TDS-riddled liberals across America, I present his latest meltdown for sheer entertainment purposes only.


Besides, we can all use a laugh about now, can we not?

Olbermann, who recently left ESPN to launch his own anti-Trump YouTube channel (obsess, much?), as reported by Fox News, began his latest episode by mocking “President Karen” for “yelling at the manager” over the Trump campaign’s claims of election fraud in various states. The drama was breathtaking.

TRUMP MUST BE REMOVED AND ARRESTED TONIGHT. Gripped by a paranoid delusion, threatening the nation’s safety, this can’t wait any longer. It won’t happen; in fact he’ll probably concede and instantly announce he’s running in ’24.

Hang on — Keith Olbermann accusing anyone of being paranoid and delusional is tantamount to Michael Moore accusing a fit and trim weight-watcher of sneaking snacks between meals. Gimme a break.

Of course it won’t happen, Keith. Not everyone is nuttier than a porta potty at a peanut festival like you are, scooter. This was priceless, as well:


“Trump can still live in a version of the bubble that he and the 69 million morons who voted for him have lived in since 2015. Inside Trump World, it’s fun and exciting and there’s no pandemic and nothing but White people and lots of guns and everybody will be a billionaire soon!”

How sad was that? It gets worse; here’s the whole bitter diatribe. Hilariously, it begins with the following title on a blank screen.


Thursday, November 5, 2020

TRUMP 2024


How deluded is that? Anyway, here’s Keith.

#ProTip for Keith Olbermann: Dude, you might be “vs. Donald Trump,” but I’m pretty sure Trump couldn’t give a damn about you and your silliness. Besides, if he even bothers to pay attention to you at all, I’m sure it’s solely for comedic value.

While we’re hanging out with Keith, you might remember his last unhinged fit of rage against Trump in early October, as reported by my RedState colleague Scott Hounsel at the time. Screaming and spitting as he raged, Olbermann ranted wildly about “expunging” and “prosecuting” Trump, along with a host of others, including Amy Coney Barrett.

And as alway, it got worse after that.


Again, the Keith Olbermanns of America are irrelevant. But they do serve as a reminder of the bitterness of the Left over the last four years. What on earth are they going to do now, assuming that Biden becomes president? Except for Keith, I mean; he’ll no doubt go on blathering about wild conspiracy theories he concocts in his TDS-riddled head — every one them starring “the terrorist Trump.”

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