Meanwhile, Two Conservative Oregon Counties Are SO OVER Blue State Life, They Just Voted to Join Idaho

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How tired are conservative, rural Oregonians of dictatorial leftist Gov. Kate Brown, Antifa-apologist Mayor Ted Wheeler and riot-torn Portland, and the whole “People’s Republic of Oregon” “progressive” mess? Tired enough to vote to become part of next-door Idaho.


As reported by Forbes, two conservative Oregon counties approved a non-binding ballot measure to “Move Oregon’s Borders” that will require county officials to hold meetings about the counties leaving the state to become part of their deep-red neighbor.

Advocates with “Move Oregon’s Border for a Greater Idaho” were able to get the measure on the ballot, according to Forbes, as part of a “peaceful revolution” for more conservative parts of the state to join Idaho, which was part of a long-shot movement to expand land-locked Idaho’s border to the Pacific Ocean, and annex most of Oregon as they do it.

Voters in Union and Jefferson counties, two rural counties in northern Oregon, narrowly passed the ballot measure, while the measure failed in two other counties.

“In the United States, the differences between liberal and conservative […] there’s hatred there,” said Mike McCarter, the chief petitioner of the ballot measure in Union and Jefferson counties. “Populated urban areas are controlling the mass of everybody,” the 73-year-old retired gun club manager said.


In what would be a geographical problem, neither county borders Idaho. Union County is in the northeastern part of the state while Jefferson County is in the middle of the western half. Nonetheless, they’ve had enough of life in the “utopian” blue state.

By comparison, Oregon, whose politics are dominated by left-wing Portland, hasn’t voted Republican in a presidential election since supporting Republican incumbent President Ronald Reagan in 1984, while Idaho to the east last voted for a Democrat presidential candidate in 1964, throwing its support behind incumbent Lyndon Johnson, who assumed the presidency after the assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963.

The vote was largely symbolic; a proposal to change the counties’ borders would require the consent of the state government and Congress. Steven Beda, associate history professor at the University of Oregon, said while the proposal is unlikely to succeed, it “speaks to a larger political divide in places like Oregon that we should take seriously.”


“It speaks to this longer history of many people in rural Oregon feeling that their identity, as well as the politics and economy, don’t align with the big cities,” Beda said. “That’s the story of American politics.”

Not to quibble with Steven Beda, but that feeling is not the sole property of the good people of rural Oregon. Tens of millions of conservative Americans continue to witness the insidiousness of the Left’s never-ceasing efforts to destroy America as we know it, one bite at a time. Problem is, we can’t all become part of Idaho to escape it.

Therefore, we must defeat it.

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