ABC News: Not Electing Biden Would 'Call Into Question' the 'Legitimacy of the Democracy' of America

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As to be expected, the so-called “mainstream” media made little effort to hide their bias on election night. Not that it was a shock, but ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos and a couple of liberal sidekicks — senior national correspondent Terry Moran and political analyst Matthew Dowd — openly questioned the legitimacy of the U.S. Constitution and America’s “Democracy.”


Stephy & Co. fretted over the possibility of Joe Biden winning the popular vote but Donald Trump winning the Electoral College vote and with it the White House, as was the case when Trump bested Hillary Clinton in 2016.

This was an incredible exchange — though far from surprising — between ABC’s then-wistful three stooges. Stephy kicked off the whiny pablum:

“[T]he rules are the rules and the rules of our election are that it’s determined by the electoral college, not the popular vote but right now Joe Biden is leading in the popular vote. For the sake of argument, if Donald Trump is to prevail tonight and then Democrats win seven out of the last eight popular votes, but don’t hold the presidency for eight — for 16 of those years, what does that say about the country as — and do you think the country will fully accept it?


“You’re right. I mean, that is the Constitution at work. Constitution works on the basis of the Electoral College. A lot of complaints about it. Very difficult to change […] communities that are not in the population areas will want to be represented but set aside the Electoral College and talk about losing the presidency with — by winning the popular vote. It will call it a question of legitimacy of the democracy for a lot of people. They’ll just say this is baloney. This doesn’t work.

We keep getting all the votes that in a normal majoritarian race you should win the presidency with and this system which dates from a slave-holding, constitutional founding doesn’t work for us […] I think it will deepen cynicism, deepen distrust. It is what it is.


How many times must we remind the Left that the United States of America is not a democracy? America is a constitutional republic — on purpose, as envisioned and enshrined by the Founders and the U.S. Constitution.

Stephanopoulos, again — this time to fellow Trump-loather Matthew Dowd:

“We were just talking about the fact that Democrats look like they’re going to win the popular vote again but if Donald Trump prevails it would have meant that even though Democrats win seven out of the last eight popular votes, they don’t have the presidency for 16 of those years for Democrats.”

Dowd, of course, ate it up with a fork and spoon.

“Well, it’s — George, this is a huge problem and not only is the delta on the popular vote versus electoral college like it was in 2016 where Hillary Clinton won by three million votes, Joe Biden is likely to win by seven million or eight million votes this year — which was my speculation, win by seven million or eight million votes and could possibly lose the electoral college.

“Winning — wining the popular vote by seven million or eight million votes and I agree with what was said. There will be serious questions if that happens in the aftermath of this. Not only we’re divided on everything else, we’re going to be divided on something that’s been in our Constitution for 230 years.”

Incidentally, last night wasn’ the first time Stephanopoulos fretted on-air about the Electoral College. The “Good Morning America” host in early October “schemed” with liberal activist Ben Sheehan about how to “fix” the Electoral College “problem.”


How ironic that the likes of George Stephanopoulos — once described as “angelic funk” by former boss Bill Clinton — Terry Moran, and Matthew Dowd would invoke the U.S. Constitution, which they surely disdain, along with the rest of the Left, as “outdated,” “simplistic,” and any number of other descriptors the Left employs when our founding document flies in the face of their hopes and schemes.

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