Biden's 'Mask Up and Vote' Tweet Starring Barack Obama Is Either Comedy Gold, Creepy, or Both

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When you stop and think about it, Joe Biden occupies a place in our collective psyche that bridges hilarity and creepiness — often at the same time. I happened upon one such case in point this afternoon while scanning Joe’s recent tweets to see if there might be anything new that piqued my interest. All of a sudden, there it was. In all of its hilarious creepy glory.


The tweet that caught my attention was comprised of only four words: “Mask up and vote.” But it was the accompanying five-second looped video, starring none other than Joe’s old boss, Barack Obama, that caught my attention. I watched it over and over as it repeated, not really sure if it was hilarious or downright creepy. In the end, I decided it was both.

The fact that Obama says nothing in the clip is creepy in itself, given that this guy says “me” more times in a five-minute speech than an opera singer with a sore throat trying to get his voice up to snuff. Then there is the deliberate, almost choreographical motion O goes through as he raises his arms and points to his mask, on which “Vote” is emblazoned.

Wait — I almost forgot — watch for yourself:

Is that not the creepiest thing you’ve seen in a while? When I first saw the clip, I thought to myself “that doesn’t look like something Obama would do.” You know, given how full of himself he is and everything. In fact, this clip of O draining a 3-point shot over the weekend, as hapless Joe watches in silence before shuffling out of the gym well behind his former boss who brags about himself all the way out the door, is far more Obama-esque:


In a recent RedState article titled Barack Obama Reminds Republicans Why They Can’t Stand Him, my colleague Bonchie reported on several of Obama’s attacks against Donald Trump, as he barnstorms for Biden in the waning days of the campaign. One such example was this gem — which broke the needle on the irony meter in half — bigly.

Same guy who in 2014 dismissed ISIS as a “jayvee team,“ describing the terrorist group thusly: “The analogy we use around here sometimes, and I think is accurate, is if a jayvee team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant.” Same “jayvee team” that went on to control most of Iraq and part of Syria, beheading American civilians — in gruesome taunting videos — along the way.

Anyway, while I didn’t find any other tweets from Joe nearly as awesome as the “mask up and vote” tweet, I did come across one other that caught my attention.


Sure, Joe. Let’s take a short trip through those, shall we?

Health care. Biden says he wants to “build on” the Affordable Care Act and “make it even better” by giving people a “public health insurance option” — government-managed health care.

Civil rights. As is the case with most on the Left, Biden sees civil rights violations where there are none, systemic racism where their is none, and white supremacy where there is none

Climate change. Like most of his “pals” on the Left, Biden laughingly calls “climate change” the “number one threat facing humanity.”

Economic inequality. Like his running mate, the “pragmatic moderate” herself, Kamala Harris, Biden confuses treating people equally with attempting to make them equal.

Racial justice. Gimme a break, Joe; justice is justice.

The Supreme Court. Biden still refuses to say whether or not he supports packing the Court, although he did recently say he would appoint a bipartisan commission to “study” how to make the Supreme Court more “representative of America.” Nonsense. In the end, Biden would cave to the sore-loser call within his party to pack the Court.

Our democracy. Biden and the Democrats have entirely different ideas about what our “democracy” — which is actually a constitutional republic — should look like than do conservatives; their vision for America is far from “democratic.”

They’re all at stake. Vote. Yes they are, Joe, and trust us: we will vote.


For more “awesome” Biden news, check out my colleague Sister Toldjah’s recent article, Joe Biden Promises to ‘End Trump’s Chaos’, But Dan Crenshaw Fact Checks Him With Inconvenient Reminder. Joe being Joe. Never a dull moment.

Vote as if your life depends on it, America.


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