Biden Puts Major League Spin on Tiny Crowd, as Bon Jovi Plays to '12 People and 7 Pumpkins'

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Not only did Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden hold another embarrassingly tiny rally on Saturday; he tried to put a positive spin on it by claiming he prefers that only a few people show up at his events because the minuscule “crowds” reduce COVID-19 spread.


So how small was it? Joe could’ve held the event in his basement and there would’ve been enough space for everyone to properly social distance. In fact, it was so small that rock & roll icon Jon Bon Jovi played to 12 people and seven pumpkins. That’s how small it was.

But here’s the thing. Just because Biden draws “crowds” that would fit inside your neighbor’s minivan doesn’t mean he doesn’t make news — usually by saying something ridiculous, lying about things he’s said in the past, or in Saturday’s case, as reported by my RedState colleague Nick Arama, calling Trump supporters “chumps,” in reference to an enthusiastic army of Trump supporters who showed up to crash the party. “We don’t do things like those chumps out there with the microphones, those Trump guys,” he snapped.

But, hey — Biden had Bon Jovi. Bon Jovi. One Twitter user noted that Bon Jovi did what he could, given the size of the “crowd.”

Then again, as this guy pointed out, what can you do when you’re playing in front of “12 people and 7 pumpkins”? “Largest crowd for him, in years!”, he quipped.


Nonetheless, as you can see, the rocker electrified the crowd.

No word on how many encores (ahem) Bon Jovi did, as he urged Biden supporters to vote “for a man of empathy, character, and experience.” Um, Jon?

Meanwhile, President Trump spoke to a “slightly larger” rally in Florida on Saturday.

Regardless of Biden’s spin that he likes his teeny-tiny “rallies” because they limit the spread of COVID, Trump didn’t miss an opportunity to take a shot at the former veep’s pathetic event, at another rally in North Carolina, as reported by Breitbart news.


“People in cars… I don’t get it. There were so few cars that I’ve never seen an audience like this. I was surprised he did that, actually. It was a tiny, tiny crowd. You heard a couple of horns— ‘honk, honk.’ It was the weirdest thing. The cars weren’t in the little circles; they were too close together. I think they weren’t socially distanced. But there was [sic] so few of them, it didn’t matter. It was a disaster. They were screaming, ‘Don’t do it! Don’t do it!’”

But there the intrepid Democrat presidential nominee was. Along with Jon Bon Jovi, 12 people, and seven pumpkins. Oh, and that enthusiastic army of Trump supporters.

Incidentally, you know how Biden always admonishes all of America to “wear the damn mask,” right? Yeah, so here’s his hypocritical self, yesterday, as pointed out by conservative actor James Woods, “slobbering on a group of poor saps.”


In other star-studded Biden rally news, Cher on Saturday held a brilliantly-incisive clinic on why people should vote for Biden during a campaign rally in Las Vegas, as I reported earlier today in an article titled Comedy Gold: Cher Stumps for ‘Joe’ Cuz He’s ‘Gonna Get the Freedoms Back’ That Trump Took Away From You, America.

That’s right, America, the politically-astute Cher pontificated about all of the wonderful things “Joe” is going to do for you — after four horrifying years of President Donald Trump “ripping the guts out of America.”

Don’t you just love the Looney Tunes Left? Me neither, but they are comedy gold for sure.


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