AOC: Young People Will Vote for Biden Because He's 'Receptive to Advocacy, Activism, and Protests'

AP Photo/Cliff Owen

There she goes again, bless her little Democrat Socialist heart. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has an uncanny knack for saying just the right thing at just the right time. For Republicans, that is. Case in point: AOC told CNN “State of the Union” host Jake Tapper on Sunday that young people will vote for Joe Biden not because he’s “their favorite person,” but because he would, in effect, be much easier for them to manipulate.

Being the self-proclaimed “Democrat Socialist” she is, the erstwhile Bronx bartender campaigned her “progressive” butt off for fellow Democrat Socialist Bernie Sanders, until Bernie was torpedoed by the Democrat Party when he looked like he all but had the nomination locked up — just as he was torpedoed in 2016 in favor of Hillary Clinton.

So with Bernie out, what was Alex from the Bronx™ to do? Her guy was forced into the ditch by the Democrat Party establishment, and she certainly doesn’t want the Devil’s spawn to win reelection, so she held her know-it-all nose and reluctantly climbed aboard the Biden Express [sarc] because as AOC sees it, anybody is better than Donald Trump.

Besides, there’s that manipulation thing with Biden.

“I believe that young people right now have a very disciplined activist mindset. They are not here with the intent of voting for their favorite person or voting for, you know, someone they think is perfect as president.

“I think young people are actually quite disciplined and quite realistic and pragmatic in their vote and they want to vote for who they are going to lobby.

“Right now young people are so clear on their stances on so many political issues that they believe that they want to vote for a president that is at least is going to be receptive to their advocacy, activism, and protests, frankly.”

Oh, that’s beautiful.

“Sleepy Joe” might not be their “favorite person,” but doggone it, he’ll be a lot easier to lobby than Trump. Besides, he’s “receptive to their advocacy, activism, and protests.” How awesome is that for young “peaceful protesters” across the fruited plain?

Lest you’re confused, the Biden-AOC “marriage” was not made in “Green New Deal” heaven. Not by a long shot. Biden’s position on fracking, which Trump-loathing Tapper called “confusing,” has been all over the board. (Of course, he intends to ban fracking; he just can’t admit it [again] with the election outcome dependent on oil-producing swing states like Pennsylvania). On the other hand, AOC, who is all in for a total ban on fracking, told Tapper: “It will be a privilege to lobby him should we win the White House.”

In another “shocking” admission, AOC told Tapper she believes it is “critically important” that if Biden wins he chooses “progressive leaders” to serve in his cabinet — beginning with Sanders, as reported by Fox News.

BTW, Bernie has been angling to become Secretary of Labor in a Biden administration.

The beauty of AOC’s not-so-stunning admission about Biden being easily manipulable is exactly what Donald Trump and the Republican Party have been warning since the former vice president became the Democrat presidential nominee. The guy stands for nothing — which is why he constantly contradicts himself on everything from fracking to face masks to China, and more. As the old adage says, if you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez might be a lot of things, but stupid isn’t one of them. Sure she occasionally spews ridiculous nonsense and promotes ridiculous proposals like the Green New Deal, but the former bartender is keenly aware that Biden is malleable. Like other members of the Democrat establishment — Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer come to mind — Biden tries his unprincipled best to be everything to everyone. On the Left, that is.

Yes, folks, if Joe Biden captures the White House, the Barbie Triplets — Socialist Barbie (AOC), Jihadi Barbie (Ilhan Omar), and Trump Derangement Syndrome Barbie (Rashida Tlaib) — will beat a path to the Oval Office door as fast as their socialist legs will carry them. And they better get there in a hurry. If they don’t, they’ll have to wait in line with every other left-winger with a cause in Washinton, D.C.