Team Trump Launches 'Operation MAGA': Pence, Others Hit Trail as President Recovers From COVID

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With President Donald Trump recovering from COVID-19 at Walter Reed Medical Center, his campaign on Saturday announced the launch of “Operation MAGA,” a series of in-person and virtual campaign events throughout the remaining 31 days prior to the election.


Vice President Mike Pence will kick off the effort with a “Make America Great Again!” event in suburban Phoenix on Thursday, following the lone vice presidential debate between Pence and Biden running mate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) in Salt Lake City, Utah, on Wednesday.

Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien — who also tested positive for the virus on Friday— said in a statement that Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and Lara Trump will also be among those participating in the operation. He also encouraged Trump supporters to “pick up the banner” and redouble their efforts as Trump remains sidelined.

“Operation MAGA will fire up the entire MAGA universe to keep President Trump’s campaign at full speed until our Commander-in-Chief returns to the campaign trail.

“Vice President Mike Pence, the First Family, our coalitions, and our grassroots supporters will be out in full force to show the real enthusiasm behind the President’s re-election and to show we’re working as hard as he always does.

“We also encourage all of the President’s supporters to pick up the banner themselves by volunteering in our grassroots Army for Trump, flying their Trump flags, putting out more yard signs, and wearing their MAGA gear proudly.”

It appears the Trump campaign isn’t letting Pres. Trump’s bout with the coronavirus slow down his momentum going into the home stretch.


A senior campaign official told  Fox News that while the campaign intends to continue at “full speed,” it will also to continue taking “every precaution for the health and safety of participants and attendees.”

Despite the predictable histrionics from the usual suspects — Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Party, giddily aided by the “we told you so” liberal media — the official said the campaign has taken “great care” to ensure attendees at Trump’s events have been “safe,” pointing to temperature checks and staff distributing masks and hand sanitizer.

Trump Director of Press Communications Erin Perrine told Fox News there will be a “big virtual rally” to kick off “Operation MAGA” on Monday.

As this supporter tweeted, it appears that some Trump supporters had no intention of waiting until Monday. “It’s a good day to be a cop in Cali. Operation MAGA is ON!”, he wrote.


Meanwhile, as my RedState colleague Nick Arama covered on Saturday night, Trump continues to do what he does best, despite testing positive for the virus: being Trump.  And “being Trump” means continuing to work.

And just to be even more “Trump,” he also taped a video to assure the country he’s doing well, as reported by my RedState colleague Becca Lower.

Trump being Trump. Loved by supporters and loathed by Pelosi and the Left. Meanwhile, “Operation MAGA” will do its best to continue to fill in for the boss.


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