Meanwhile, Burger King Depicts 'King' Locking Lips With Ronald McDonald in New Ad Campaign

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This Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018, photo shows a sign for a Burger King in Miami. Restaurant Brands International, the parent company of Burger King and Tim Hortons, reports financial results Monday, Feb. 12, 2018. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

In the off chance you didn’t already think Burger King’s king is the creepiest corporate mascot on the planet, the fast-food chain recently decided to make their creepy king even creepier. Even worse?

They made poor Ronald McDonald creepy, as well.

No, for real.

In a nice grab by Not the Babylon Bee, the recently launched real news site by our friends at The Babylon Bee, which is, IMHO, the best satire site on the internet, we learn that Burger King has launched a new ad campaign in Finland in which they depict their creepy king mascot locking lips with none other than Ronald McDonald.

The image is also displayed on Burger King’s Finnish website, as part of its “Love Conquers All” campaign. Of the ads, Burger King said:

“We thought, what a better way to convey our values than by portraying an all-encompassing kiss between Burger King and McDonald. We wanted to show that in the end, love always wins.”


An “all-encompassing kiss.” The creepy Burger King king and Ronald McDonald swapping spit. As PDA as they can be, no less.

Hell, I didn’t even know the two “clowns” were friends.

I mean, I assumed they were, you know, at the very least, brisk competitors. But, hey — it’s 2020, right? Besides, given the real goings-on of 2020, I thought a bit of diversion — albeit creepy diversion — might be “refreshing.” You know, in a 2020 kinda way.

Fer Machado, global chief marketing officer at Restaurant Brands International (owner of Burger King, Popeyes and Tim Hortons) shared his personal thoughts  on the ad campaign.

“Proud to see Burger King Finland as the official partner of The Helsinki Pride. Even more proud of our 100% Corporate Equality Index. Congrats to Kaisa from the BK Finland team for such a beautiful execution.”

As reported by Newsweek, the “Love Conquers All” ad campaign was launched by Burger King Finland as the brand serves as the official partner for Helsinki Pride, which is taking place until September 13. Helsinki Pride kicked off on September 7, after being delayed due to the coronavirus.


In a statement to AdWeek, Burger King Finland’s brand manager Kaisa Kasila said the design was a reflection of the values Burger King has always held dear.

“Burger King has always stood for equality, love and everyone’s right to be just the way they are. The only instance where it might not seem so is when we’re bantering with our competitor.”

Ads of the World™ — part of the Clio Network, which awards its Clio Awards to advertisers in an annual awards program that “recognizes innovation and creative excellence in advertising, design and communication,” appears to be enraptured with the BK campaign.

Coming soon to a Burger King ad campaign in your neck of the woods? I wouldn’t bet a Quarter Pounder with Cheese against it.

The bottom line:

Levity aside, my purpose in writing this piece was not to pass judgment on gay lifestyle, the LGBTQ movement, nor anything related. Activities undertaken by consenting adults, behind closed doors, is their business, not mine. Moreover, I have never condemned those rights.

The reason I did write the piece was to provide yet another example of how the Left continues its insidious campaign to attempt to desensitize society — particularly young children —  to alternative lifestyles.


Should corporations, in effect, pimp out their mascots — mascots beloved by untold numbers of children around the world — for the purpose of social statements and support of the LGBTQ community, knowing full well that young children will see ads like the above?

Or is that part of their objective, as well?

I no longer have young kids, but as I was writing the piece, I wondered how I would have answered one of my kids — say at age 5 — who might have seen a billboard on which the Burger King and Ronald McDonald were kissing. How would I have answered my young child’s questions?

Shouldn’t parents have the job —  the right — of introducing their kids to a world much different than that in which they very well might live? Shouldn’t it be parents who teach their kids about such things?

And should it not be parents who decide when they feel it’s best to introduce their own children to such things as human sexuality?

Call me old school, but yes. Yes they should.


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