How Low Will the Left Go? MSNBC Host Mocks Trump's 'Modern Day Minstrel Show'

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Kim Klacik speaks from Baltimore, Md., during night one of the Republican National Convention Monday. (Screenshot via RNC)

I’ve said it before, but again, it’s “almost” like MSNBC and CNN are locked in a race to the bottom to determine which Trump-loathing network can most beclown itself between now and the election.


As I wrote on Friday, MSNBC host Joy Reid won the race-baiting trophy that day with an effort that not even CNN could touch:

“The Republican National Convention trotted out Black people to make White Americans feel good about White Nationalism.”

Pretty impressive, huh?

Fresh off its Friday win, MSNBC came back with another strong effort Sunday morning, with guest-host Tiffany Cross taking home the trophy for the TDS-riddled network, again. Cross directed the following question to MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson — also Black.

“I mean, I watched the Republican convention, and seeing the slew of Black speakers that they had, it really did look like a modern day minstrel show to me, what did you make of it?”

Oh that was strong.

As reported by Mediaite, Johnson answered with a snarky reference to “Get Out,” described by Vox as a “horror film about benevolent racism,” saying “There was a tremendous amount of diversity from The Sunken Place at the RNC” — as the entire panel laughed, mockingly.

Director Jordan Peale described The Sunken Place this way:


And of course the MSNBC panel’s mocking laughter at Johnson’s reference to The Sunken Place was for this reason.

Johnson echoed Cross’s “modern day minstrel show” silliness, and Reid’s “Black people trotted out to make White Americans feel good about White Nationalism” nonsense.

None of what was done at the Republican National Convention was actually for Black people.

“It was for racist white people who were already going to vote for [Trump] and to give them a sense that they can feel slightly less racist.

But let’s be honest, if you’re going to vote for Trump, you didn’t have a problem with bigotry to begin with.”

Johnson claimed speakers of color at the RNC had no credibility with Black America because they cannot “erase the stain of the president’s own racist rhetoric.” He provided zero examples; they never do.

How does a rational person argue with people like this?

In my humble opinion, you don’t. Because you can’t. There is no amount of fact, history, data, rational thought, or common sense that can penetrate the irrationality of that hardened mindset.

What a rational person does do is ignore them. And prove them wrong.

Particularly, a rational person like Baltimore’s Kim Klacik, an up-and-coming Republican star who is running to represent Maryland’s 7th District in Congress — a strongly-Democrat District.


As my colleague Nick Arama reported last week, MSNBC cut away from convention coverage so its viewers wouldn’t see Klasik’s devastating condemnation of Democrat failure in her hometown.

Here’s why:

See what I mean?

Kim Klacik and other Black conservatives are to the Left what crucifixes and holy water are to vampires.

For that reason, liberals are not only terrified of Black conservatives, they must be marginalized, ridiculed, and dismissed as nothing more than willing stooges in a “modern day minstrel show.”

And if the Left fails, and the Kim Klasiks ultimately prevail?

The party’s over for a hoax that has been perpetrated on Black America for six decades, beginning with Lyndon B. Johnson’s “War on Poverty.” More than $33 trillion later —and counting — how’d that all work out?

Kim Klacik’s video just showed you. And it showed the Left, as well.



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