Best Thing You’ll Watch All Day: YouTuber on Why She Wears a Mask: 'It’s a Simple Yet Effective Way to Display My Righteousness'

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A woman walks out of a liquor store past a sign requesting its customers to wear a mask Tuesday, June 23, 2020, in Santa Monica, Calif. The state Department of Public Health recorded more than 5,000 new cases Tuesday, putting the total number of positive cases at more than 183,000. The state has seen more than 5,500 deaths related to COVID-19. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

To mercilessly abuse one of Shakespeare’s most famous lines, “To mask, or not to mask, that is the question.”

As has been the case with everything else related to COVID, the issue of whether or not masks provide an effective deterrent to the virus, who should wear them and where, etc., has been politicized to no end.

As my RedState colleague Sister Toldyah wrote, in May,” mask-shaming has been an integral part of the COVID debate from nearly the beginning. It was “time for it to stop,” she wrote — and it remains time for it stop. At least in locations where masks aren’t mandatory.

Anyway, our friends over at Twitchy ran across the following YouTube video on Facebook, this morning, and it couldn’t be more hilarious.

The “unidentified” YouTuber, who identifies as @e2pilot, hilariously explains why she wears a mask. As I said in the headline, it’s the best thing you’ll watch all day. If not, I’ll give you your money back.

Wait — you didn’t give me any money. Anyway, watch the video.

To the YouTuber’s point, the question of to mask, or not to mask can be serious — if not potentially deadly — business out there, folks.

As CNN reported in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, a Pennsylvania man is facing charges of attempted criminal homicide after he allegedly shot at an employee of a cigar shop who asked him to wear a mask.


Then there was this woman.

Still, it’s a healthy thing to laugh about some of the goings-on in this crazy year of 2020. That thing about laughter being the best medicine. And who better to laugh about than the self-righteous mask police?


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