James Woods Rushes the Stage, Steals Patton Oswalt's Shoe During Awards Ceremony

Liberal comedian and frequent Donald Trump critic, Patton Oswalt hosted the Writer’s Guild Awards earlier this week. In the middle of Oswalt’s opening monologue, he quipped he was limiting his Trump jokes for fear that James Woods, a rare Republican in Hollywood, would “kick him” backstage. In a rare unscripted moment, James Woods rushes the stage, and steals Patton Oswalt’s shoe. The two have a lively exchange, that reminds us politics aren’t everything.


There’s a lot of love between these two. Patton Oswalt is clearly a fan of James Woods, even if their political views are polar opposites. It’s impossible not to laugh as Woods questions, Oswalt’s choice in footwear, as he’s holding the comedian’s shoe in his hand.

Woods jokes he’s lost Twitter followers just by attending the Awards ceremony, to which Oswalt retorts, “all those egg avatars”. It’s a great little moment.

The incident started spreading across the internet immediately, prompting some to ask if it was a planned “skit”. Patton Oswalt was quick to clear that up with a tweet… “it wasn’t staged”.


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