No. It is Not Okay to Call Donald Trump "Mentally Ill" as an Insult

Andrew Sullivan was just one of a few talking heads that questioned Donald Trump’s mental health on the Sunday Shows. While sitting down with Brian Stelter from CNN’s, “Reliable Sources”, the columnist speculated on the mental “stability” of the President. Here you can watch for yourself.

The people on the video argue the merits of the diagnosis from Andrew Sullivan, journalist, blogger, gay activist, not a psychiatrist, although considering where this is going, I would not be surprised to see that next on CNN or MSNBC.

These are the same people who claim to be bold defenders of the oppressed, you can’t call someone “retarded” or “short” or “fat”, but they can go on national television and assess the president as mentally ill? I can’t take it anymore.

As someone who suffers from Anxiety and Depression I know that there are organizations out there who work tirelessly to end the stigmas of Mental Illness, and they won’t say a word about Andrew Sullivan’s remark nor the others made. Well I’m going to say it, it’s offensive, it’s hypocritical, it’s just plain stupid. We are literally having “political pundits” diagnose mental illness, and people are going to discuss it? Like it’s a thing? To paraphrase Andrew Sullivan, that’s “bonkers”.


The worst isn’t the pundits who are known for saying outrageous things, hoping for a million replays, the hosts of the shows, looking at you Brian Stelter, should demand more civil discourse. Respect for those who suffer from Mental Illness, as well as the basic tenet of consistency on the issue. Either you want to help “end the stigma” or you want to diagnose people you don’t like as crazy, as an insult.

And make no mistake that is how it is intended… as an insult, not a diagnosis.


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