Nancy Pelosi's Deputy Chief of Staff Busted for Spreading False Accusations Against Speaker Paul Ryan *Language Warning*

One of Nancy Pelosi’s staffers sent out a tweet on Tuesday, with a video attached claiming the voice was that of Speaker Paul Ryan. Why is this a big deal? The voice on the video calls something a ” a waste of my f*cking time”. Drew Hammill, Pelosi’s Deputy Chief of Staff, claimed that Paul Ryan used these words as a reaction to his own press conference on the President’s travel ban.

*Language Warning*

Needless to say social media, blew up at the news. That was until Ashlee Strong, a spokesperson for the Speaker’s office sent out a little message of her own.

Hammill then hastily deleted the tweet and sent out this half hearted apology.

We still don’t know who said the comment in the video, however it’s pretty clear to anyone who watches it, that it wasn’t Speaker Paul Ryan. So why would Nancy Pelosi’s Deputy Chief of Staff try to say that it was? Playing politics? Probably. This behavior is exactly why people don’t trust those in Washington or the media. You’d think at some point they would learn, if the last 10 days are any indication, no such luck.


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