President Trump Scolds Madonna: "Disgraceful to Our Country"

Donald Trump is not known to pull punches. While the President was being interviewed by Sean Hannity on Thursday on Fox News, Trump responded to the the outlandish speech that Madonna gave at the “Women’s March”. Madonna made several outrageous statements during her tirade, the most troubling was her confession to having thought about “blowing up the White House”.

“She’s disgusting,” He said, before going further in his criticism of the aging pop star’s remark. Saying they her image and damaged her cause.

“I think she hurt herself very badly.” He concludes that while Madonna was not the only one who damaged their cause by behaving so poorly, Trump clearly thinks she was the worst. “I thought what she said was disgraceful to our country”

Trump isn’t wrong here. When I watched Ashley Judd, Madonna and others at the Women’s March I was completely turned off by their unhinged behavior. I was not alone. I got message from friends who attended the rally thinking it would be a positive experience, they were sorely disappointed.

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