Ted Cruz Owns Deadspin in Hilarious Tweets

This might be one of the best Twitter exchanges in a long time. Deadspin, the left leaning sports website, formerly owned by the same publisher as Gawker and now owned by Univision, sent out a link to a story asking for a picture of Ted Cruz playing basketball.


Imagine Deadspin’s surprise when Ted Cruz replied with a picture of Grayson Allen, Duke Basketball player and Ted Cruz look alike.

As Twitter was delighting in Cruz’s response, whoever runs the Deadspin twitter account was not amused. They sent out a tweet that showed a real lack of sportsmanship from the site.

Ted Cruz however didn’t lose his sense of humor. He beat them at their own game with this hysterical tweet.

Kudos to Ted Cruz. I didn’t even know he could be funny. Shame on Deadspin for being such poor sports.


Ted Cruz-2

Editor’s Note: By the way, about the author of that blog post:

Yeah. Gawker refugees on Gizmodo and Deadspin are easy to spot. They don’t know anything about gizmos or sports. – Caleb


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