Ashley Judd's Jaw-Dropping Performance on "P*ssies" and Periods at Women's March (Language Warning)

Ashley Judd crashed Michael Moore’s rant attacking new Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos, at the Women’s March to recite a poem, and well it wasn’t a good look. Not that Moore didn’t need to be interrupted, he was after all bashing a woman at the Women’s March. Maybe that’s what inspired Ashley Judd’s electric performance. Judd started her one woman descent into madness, with a quick mention of a student who apparently wrote the words she interpreted. It’s something to see. Judd flips from period blood to “p*ssies are for pleasure” in one manic paragraph, while calling others vulgar. So you’re warned.


In addition to the “p*ssy” comments, Ashley Judd drops into a questionable accent. And by questionable, I mean she sounds like she is imitating a southern black grandma, and dare I say, she sounds a little racist in her delivery? Or it would deemed racist if done at an event that wasn’t a Hillary Clinton rally for grief. Reminder, then private citizen Donald Trump said “p*ssy” once in his infamous taped discussion with Billy Bush, the one that played on a loop prior to the election. This screed by Judd was yanked from both CNN and MSNBC before she finished.

Warning: Explicit Language and rampant stupidity. Watch the whole wild thing now.

Ashley Judd repeats the word “Nasty” repeatedly before discussing dirty underwear stained with period blood. Dear Lord I wish I were making this up. The attendance of this protest is supposedly setting records, I for one hope all of America can see just how disturbed some of these people really are.


They don’t care that Trump said a bad word or called Hillary a “nasty woman”, they’re angry that Hillary Clinton lost. And they’ve become unhinged much faster than anyone could have anticipated. He’s only been in office one day.


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