Alec Baldwin, Robert De Niro Lead by Example at Anti-Trump Protest

Hollywood isn’t going to let the Inauguration of Donald Trump in Washington, DC get them down. Some A-Listers got together in New York City on Thursday, to ask everyone to not act like Donald Trump, to not be rude. No, really, this happened. The event, organized by Greenpeace and is being held near the entrance of Trump International Hotel. These types of protests mystify me, as I can’t quite find their purpose, maybe it’s counter programing?

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Robert De Niro was the first celebrity speaker to take the stage at the rally, which included thousands of attendees stretching across at least five blocks. The actor read mean tweets about the president-elect, adding that he thinks Trump is “a bad example of this country and this city.”

Alec Baldwin appeared to speak and insert a few Trump impressions along the way, commenting on Trump and his cabinet picks. “These people are a disgrace, but there is hope,” said the actor. “Trump and Pence think you’re going to lay down. That’s one thing about New Yorkers: You don’t lay down.”

Rev. Al Sharpton hyped the crowd after Baldwin’s speech. “This is Donald Trump’s hometown, but the hometown folk do not behave like Donald Trump,” he said. “America is already great and we will make it even greater!”

Michael Moore had somber words for the event: “We’re at a very dangerous moment in history,” said the filmmaker. “As bad as you think it’s going to be, it’s going to be worse.”

Sally Field, talking about the labor movement, told the crowd: “I am a proud union member and have been for 52 years.” On the union fight for minimum wage, she said, “if we all stick together like we are now – if we all fight for dignity … we will find paths to victory over the next four years. Please, dear God!”

Mark Ruffalo offered a hopeful note: “Man, I needed this. Did you need this?” he said to big cheers from the rally. “We’re coming here tonight to protect something precious to us, and that’s each other.”

Yes. Trump doesn’t act right, but neither do these people. Every president since I’ve been old enough to vote was celebrated if they were a Democrat, and illegitimized if they were Republican. There is nothing more embarrassing than the fact that Michael Moore isn’t really a Canadian, something I used to think when I saw him stumbling around on tv in the dirty shirt and weird hat.

Sally Field, famous for playing a “Norma Ray” the woman who stood up for Unionization, brags about her S.A.G. Card, which you’ve got to admit, nothing screams, “I understand middle America like membership to the Screen Actor’s Guild and a mantle full of awards.” But you do you, Gidget.

I still think I liked Fat Al Sharpton better, ever since losing the weight he seems to expect people to take him seriously, simply because MSNBC keeps him around.

And Alec Baldwin, the man who will play Donald Trump for at least the next four years on NBC, the man who has a history of child abuse and vile behavior has some brass cojones to lecture the rest of us on how to act.

The inauguration isn’t about one man, and it certainly isn’t about a handful of actors either. It’s about he people, the peaceful transition of power the celebration of the greatest nation on Earth. But they don’t get it, and they never will.

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