MLK's Son on Meeting with Trump: "Goal is to bring Americans Together"

President-elect Donald Trump met with Martin Luther King III today, as a way to pay respect to his father, Dr. Martin Luther King, he was invited to visit Trump Towers. After the meeting, King spoke briefly with reporters about the exchange between Trump and Rep. John Lewis in the lobby.


CBS News shared the footage via their twitter account.

The younger King attempted to find middle ground in the public spat, explaining “Things get said on both sides in the heat of emotion.” Without openly taking sides Mr. King clarified that he believed John Lewis had shown that he is a man of “action”, referring to the congressman’s civil rights involvement. He did not however defend Lewis’ comments on Trump being an “Illegitimate President“.

The two men apparently also spoke about moving the country forward, after eight years of Barack Obama’s divisive rhetoric and the insanity of the 2016 election.

King told reporters, “The goal is to bring Americans together.”


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