UPDATE: Liberal CEO Busted for Hiring Practices after "Middle America" Twitter Screed

This is good. Melinda Byerley, the woman who infamously called rural America a “Sh*hole full of stupid people”, may have to do more than just apologize for what she called an “inartful” presentation of her feelings.


The self described CEO of a marketing consulting company from San Francisco who blew up twitter over the weekend, has been contacted by Suzanne Lucas, the author of an article at Inc. that asserts Byerley’s company is in violation of federal hiring practices.

The claim which was originally made in a blog post refers to language on Byerley’s own website which states that employees are required to be Native English Speakers.

I’ve hand picked and trained a team of experts, all located in the United States and native English speakers, to execute the work you need, fast.

Suzanne Lucas points out the problematic nature of Melinda Byerley’s choice of wording.

Doesn’t it sound fab to work only with native English speakers? No, not really. Many of my friends and business colleagues aren’t native speakers. Federal Law doesn’t allow it either.

I will fully stipulate that there are many reasons why you want employees that speak clear and understandable English, with a level of vocabulary and understanding that is equal to a native speaker’s, but requiring the person to be a native speaker is what we call “national origin discrimination.”


Lucas goes on to explain the chapter and verse that Byerley’s company violated with their website statement. Then she sent this tweet.

That got Ms. Byerley’s attention.


We await your explanation with bated breath, Melinda Byerley. So far this peek into your bubble world has been a fascinating trip. The liberal CEO who called rural America racist, now has to answer for the xenophobic comments of her own. Karma is a crazy thing.


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