So this happened... BBC sketch "The Real Housewives of ISIS" Sparks Outrage (VIDEO)

A BBC comedy show, called ‘Revolting’ aired a two minute skit called ‘The Real Housewives of Isis’. the parody of the popular Bravo reality TV series, “The Real Housewives”, which has several incarnations in various cities. The sketch mimics the focus on the spoiled housewives perfectly, with the radical islamic twist of course. It’s hilarious. Gallows humor, social commentary all that SNL used to try to be. The young housewives are worried as they have a beheading in three days and “have nothing to wear”.


Just watch.

Can you imagine the horror of showing up to a terrorist party wearing the exact same suicide vest as someone else? Those who created this controversial sketch have.

Of course not everyone was amused… the NY Post reports:

“Not funny at all. With everything going on in the world, I’m sure those who have been effected by Isis, or been victims of them, or the relatives of those killed in terrorists attacks, won’t be laughing,” Anna Butcher wrote on the BBC’s Facebook page in the comments section of the clip.
Jenny Baird commented: “Terrible!! Am I the only one who thinks this is very bad and tasteless!!!”
“Disgraceful and distasteful. The BBC is normalizing Islamophobia through comedy. It’s also normalizing destruction of war torn Syria,” Al Baker said.

The sketch does open in War torn Syria, but I’m less concerned with the ‘normalizing’ of Islamophobia, than I am slightly afraid for those involved. Let’s face it, Islamists aren’t known for their sense of humor. Impressive to see the cast take a truly a bold, in a day and age where hashtag activism is the norm and comedy is more PC than ever. Bravo to BBC for airing it. But you know, keep your head on a swivel guys.



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