So... What's the Problem, Salon?

This is just dumb. I’m not a Donald Trump fan, but the way Salon is choosing to cover him is beyond parody. Primarily because by attempting to be clever in their disdain for the incoming President, they expose their ignorance on the concerns of most Americans.


So… Um what’s the problem, Salon? Based entirely on their social media message, I have to agree with Donald Trump. Deregulation and Job Creation is good. Check the polling on this one if you doubt me.

Even though the article that is linked in the tweet is focused on Donald Trump taking credit for things, he didn’t do, the tweet reads like a chant from a Tea Party Rally. The message Salon sent out to their over 900,000 followers makes a small government girl like me cheer. I doubt that was their intention, but it’s Salon. We can only expect so much.

The lack of understanding of how significant the struggling economy was to Donald Trump’s victory is astonishing. Did those on the left truly believe that people are happy being unemployed or more accurately under-employed? If Donald Trump’s election didn’t wake these people up to reality, perhaps a reminder from one of their own will….

“It’s the economy stupid.” ~ James Carville


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