Netanyahu Questioned By Israeli Police in Corruption Probe

According to multiple sources, the Israeli police are investigating Benjamin Netanyahu, probe stemming from corruption claims.

BBC has the story:

Israeli police have arrived at the home of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as part of an inquiry into corruption allegations.
Ahead of their arrival, Mr Netanyahu again denied any wrongdoing.
He told the media and political rivals to “hold off partying”, adding: “Nothing will happen, because there is nothing.”
Israeli media have reported allegations that he has received significant gifts or “favours” from businessmen.
Three investigators are reportedly questioning the PM at his central Jerusalem residence.
Mr Netanyahu told his Likud party legislators earlier on Monday: “We hear all the media reports. We see and hear the festive spirit and atmosphere in television studios and in the corridors of the opposition.


This isn’t the first time Netanyahu’s political enemies have sought to impeach the Prime Minister. None of the previous attempts have resulted in any findings of wrongdoing.

In 2000, Israeli police recommended that criminal charges be brought against Mr Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, after an eight-month investigation into whether he had kept official gifts that should have been handed over to the state after he left office.
At the same time, they were also accused of charging the government for the services of a contractor who did private work for them.
All those charges were dropped due to insufficient evidence.

The latest accusations come in connection with campaign donations, allegedly made to Netanyahu from questionable sources. Netanyahu clearly sees that as nothing more than a political move from his opponents.

“I want to tell them to wait for the celebrations. Do not rush. I told you and I repeat: There will be nothing because there is nothing. You will continue to inflate hot air balloons and we will continue to lead the state of Israel.”

Say what you want about Netanyahu, the man has a spine of steel. His foes keep coming after him and he just keeps doing his job. We could use some of that kind of leadership here at home.



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