Comedian Patton Oswalt Smashes SJWs With One Tweet

You can almost see the lightbulb going off over his head. Patton Oswalt seems to have hit his limit. The Social Justice Warriors, SJWs, may have finally gone too far. Too far for even Patton Oswalt a notoriously outspoken critic of Donald Trump and all things political. After hearing of the online mob that came after Steve Martin for his tribute tweet to Carrie Fisher. Normal people read Steve Martin’s tweet with the charm it was intended, SJWs saw an opportunity to pounce on the grieving star. Oswalt usually one of the first to jump into the outrage du jour. Not this time, the comedian/actor tweeted out his disgust on Friday.


When you’ve lost Patton Oswalt, you’re coming to the end of your run. The tyranny of the victim has worn all of us out. Oswalt who lost his wife suddenly in April, is one of the many Americans who is tired of your griping over nonsense.

The SJWs who cried Wolf have lost the townspeople. Well not all of the townspeople, of course there were plenty of liberals ready to jump all over Oswalt for his normalization of Donald Trump, and sexism. did a great job of capturing some of the more entertaining responses to what they called an epiphany for Patton Oswalt.

These people just aren’t happy unless they are scolding others. It’s as though they wake up each day looking for a reason to be angry at the world. I for one have had enough of the faux anguish, there are enough real tragedies, there is no need for fake drama.


He’s right about something else here too, the constant drum beat of “Bake the Cake” from the intolerant SJWs did play a role in the election of Donald Trump. If they keep this up, he’ll win again in 2020.


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