Menace in the Sky. Delta Targeted following Tigerair Australia Hoax

Just how the passengers wanted to start their holiday travel…. A “youtube” performer, Adam Saleh and his entourage were removed from a Delta flight for behavior that made the other people on the plane uncomfortable. Saleh posted a video to social media claiming that he was kicked off for speaking in Arabic.


Saleh shared this video with his over 250,000 twitter followers, asking them to spread it around.

This is the second time in a week that Adam Saleh attempted to pull off an airline hoax. Early this week, he posted a video on his YouTube channel claiming he had stowed away in the cargo area of a Tigerair Australia plane. The airline found and released security footage that debunked Saleh’s claims.

This is getting out of control. As you can see the video isn’t of the “incident” that got the group tossed off the plane, it’s all shot afterwards. I’m trying to imagine someone pulls a stunt like this as I’m flying across the country, I have no patience on a good day, let alone the week of Christmas, I might have punched him on the spot.

When he’s screaming about how the white people are racist to the “men with beards”, I couldn’t help but have flashbacks to those Americans who died on 9/11. This guy clearly is trying to make a name for himself, while he’s bound to get headlines for this stunt, I hope they are charging him for something.

The last thing we need is to have to deal with youtubers creating more anxiety in the sky. Saleh admitted he was kicked off the plane for “saying a word”, “speaking in another language”, he doesn’t mention what he said. I’ll be curious to find out if “Allah Akbar” was in there somewhere. I’m not gonna like if I see a group of Muslim men, talking about “jihad” and “Allah” I’m reporting that to whomever will listen. Saleh’s lucky he didn’t find himself secured to his seat, filled with whatever sedative the flight attendants keep in the back. It would be disrespectful to Todd Beamer and all the others on Flight 93 not to do at least that much. We can’t be polite to the point of getting ourselves killed.


Here’s another truth for you, as obnoxious as the kid is in the video, he may have made not want to fly with him regardless of what he was saying. If I ruled the world, Saleh would be getting a one way ticket to the “No Fly” list, his antics are unsuitable for air travel. People shouldn’t have to worry about pranks at 30,000 feet, and the crew has other concerns, including watching for actual threats.



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