Muslims And Media Concerned about "Islamophobia", Not "Honor" Crimes

Add this story to the reasons to not take Feminists and the Media seriously when they whine about the “War on Women”. I’ve been keeping track of the Yasmin Seweid story since it first broke, I’ve been writing about it since it was revealed that the story of her attack by three white Trump supporters was a hoax. My concern was then and remains to be for Yasmin’s safety. After Seweid showed up for her court date with what appeared to be a ritualistic shaved head, and her brother was cowering over her, it became fairly clear why Ms. Seweid had lied to cover up where she had been. The rise of “Honor Crimes” in this country is cause for all of us to take notice.


Seweid told the police she fabricated the story, due to “family problems”. Then her older sister took to facebook to explain the plight of Muslim women, until her post was deleted. The Media had used the original story as a way to confirm their agenda driven narrative of a rise in “Hate Crimes”.

Now some members of the Muslim community are speaking out, not in defense of Yasmin or in an effort to protect her. No. They believe that Seweid’s false claim could possibly make them look bad and increase islamophobia, and “attacks”. Seriously.

Muslims nationally have been openly worrying about how 18-year-old Yasmin Seweid’s arrest might affect them and the struggle against real bigotry and Islamophobia.

“Whenever an individual, especially a minority, cries wolf, it always ends up hurting that community,” said Wajahat Ali, creative director of Affinis Labs, a center for social entrepreneurship and innovation.

And what about the very real possibility of abuse towards Yasmin from her parents? That’s not the “real concern”. In a stunning act of cowardice, they’ve chosen to blame the victim and of course, Islamophobia:

Even so, interfaith activists like Imam Shamsi Ali, who serves the Jamaican Muslim Center in Queens, N.Y., said that lies like this only hurt the Muslim community in a world where there are very real threats.

“I am truly worried that the real concerns of our community will be undermined and in time real attacks perpetrated against Muslims will be just considered such as this lie,” Imam Ali told NBC News


This is truly mind boggling. I just wish I was surprised. These groups are more worried about the perception, than the reality of what we are seeing play out in the case of Yasmin Seweid. Why is Big Media so afraid of Muslim retaliation that they can no longer report accurately? Maybe it’s not fear, maybe it’s built in bias, a desire to over compensate, either way, they are failing Yasmin Seweid and young Muslim girls everywhere.

The same Media that warns us everyday about a non-existent pay gap, has completely ignored a young woman who they brought to our attention, being treated as property in real time. It might not fit their preferred narrative, that doesn’t mean it’s not actually happening. Right before our eyes. It’s astonishing that our Media is so obsessed with preserving the bubble that they would provide cover for abuse. They go one further… they’ve begun a campaign against the victim.

Hate crime deserves to be taken seriously — and the NYPD does just that, devoting serious resources to following up on any report. Yet false reports feed fear and suspicion.

In these times, New Yorkers need to be united, not divided by phantom menaces.

To the Celebrities sit in front of green screen, to lecture us about domestic violence, where are you now? Where is the outrage at crimes against girls and women in the United States? Directly in front of the cameras? Where is your courage now?

Where are the Feminist groups rushing to defend Yasmin? These women so full of manufactured outrage at the smallest perceived slight, won’t show their faces when someone is truly in need. She is a flashpoint of a much larger problem, that they have no interest in pursuing.


While lying to the police is wrong, and Seweid is being punished. They are straight up blaming the victim now. Instead of investigating why, Yasmin would lie to the police or why she showed up with a shaved head, the Media has taken to writing public relations puff pieces, to deflect from the real problem, the strict Muslim community’s treatment of women.


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