Salon: Trump Could Bring Back Slavery. Oh and The Constitution Is Racist...

Just when you think the Media can’t sink any lower, along comes Salon to remind us that they have not even begun to defile themselves. While most of them are still writhing about in anguish over Hillary Clinton’s loss, Salon has decided to tie her loss to Slavery. The even go so far as to suggest that Trump and by default, Republicans could use the Constitution to bring Slavery back.


No. I’m not joking. Yes, I am livid.


History often comes full circle. It can be darkly ironic as well. The Electoral College, an institution that helped to protect the white supremacist ignominy of black chattel slavery could now become the instrument used to stop Donald Trump, the avatar of contemporary white racism.

Politics and history are messy and complicated. Many people prefer simple stories about America’s past and present. In the flat version of history, the Electoral College was created in the 18th century by the Framers as a council of elders who would serve as a check on the passions of the public, because they understood how such feelings could all too easily sweep through a democracy like a forest fire if left unchecked.

In reality, the Electoral College was part of a larger compromise that tried to balance the economic interests of different regions as well as the competing desires of various elites. That compromise created a hybrid federal system of government that gave equal representation to each state (in the Senate) but also allowed for representation on the basis of population (the House of Representatives).

America was also a racialized “democracy” where several million black people would eventually be owned by whites as human property. The enslavement, exploitation, rape, and destruction of black bodies were the economic engine that drove the American economy. Thus, by both design and intent, the United States Constitution was a pro-slavery and pro-Southern document. The Electoral College was central to maintaining America’s white supremacist slavery regime.


This kind of “reporting” is both irresponsible and flat out false. There is absolutely zero chance that Donald Trump and the Republicans bring back slavery. For one, Republicans are the party that freed the slaves, something conveniently let out of Salon’s revisionist history fable. Republicans, the party of Lincoln, ringing any bells, Salon?

Maybe we should just be grateful that Salon suddenly has an interest in how the Electoral College works, I guess their writers weren’t around in 2000 to hear all the fan fiction from their fellow “journalists”. For those of us over 30, this isn’t anything new. If I weren’t so angry, I’d be amused at their description of how people like to view history, “simple, flat-line”. Nevermind that they are the ones trying to simplify a complex issue down to a version that fits their narrative.

When the Democrats don’t win elections, it’s always someone else’s fault. Screaming “RACIST” is one of the favorite default positions, when things don’t go their way. To suggest that the United States Constitution is racist is some of the most ridiculous hog wash I’ve ever read. What Slate really doesn’t like is that all of those other states, not named, New York have a vote at all.

The Media has been telling Republicans that we are racists for as long as I can remember, ignoring all evidence to the contrary. More recently they’ve taken to calling everyone who doesn’t live in a major city racists, as well. Maybe the American voters caught on after 8 years of a black president that it probably wasn’t true. Now Donald Trump is the President-elect. So what do they do? Double-down of course.


Now it’s not just evil Republicans, or even the stupid rural voters that are racist, but our founding documents themselves. These people can’t stop themselves from rolling around in their stupid. Remember the Salon audience will eat this up, I fully expect to see this article in e-mails and social media posts as a way to further delegitimize the election of Donald Trump. You would have never read this story had Hillary Clinton won.

What you won’t find in the article is any evidence backing up their ludicrous claims. The Democrats and their hand puppets in the Media who just a few weeks ago were praising the Constitution and the veracity of our elections, now have decided it’s all “Rigged”. Oh the Irony.


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