What We Can All Learn From Trump And Pepsi's CEO

President-elect Donald Trump added three more high-profile CEOs from Pepsi, Indra Nooyi, Uber, Travis Kalanick, and Tesla, Elon Musk to his Strategic and Policy Forum, earlier today.


The CEO of Pepsi, Indra Nooyi was an outspoken critic of Trump. During an appearance just after the election she was crying about Hillary Clinton’s loss. She even claimed her employees were crying. Now she’s going to be on his advisory board. Seems Trump lives by the idea of keeping his enemies even closer. More importantly it seems that even in the early days, Nooyi had the right idea.

Just two days after the election, Nooyi, a Hillary Clinton supporter, spoke at the Dealbook Conference.

“Is there a box of tissues here?” Nooyi responded when asked by Andrew Ross Sorkin for her reaction to the election results. “I’ll tell you, first of all, I want to congratulate President Donald Trump. Because the election is over, I think, we should mourn for those of us who supported the other side, but we have to come together and life has to go on.”

She added that she had to answer a lot of questions from both her employees.

“They were all in mourning. My employees were all crying. The question that they are asking, especially those who are not white — ‘Are we safe?’ Women are asking, ‘Are we safe?’ LGBT people are asking, ‘Are we safe?’ I never thought I would have to answer those questions.”

She continued: “So, I think that the first thing that we have to do is to assure everyone living in the United States will be safe. Nothing has changed because of this election. What we heard was election talk and we will all come together and unify as a country. So, the process of democracy happened. We just have to let life go on.”

In other words: Now that the election talk is over, it’s time to get down to the issues.


The election is over. It’s time to get down to the issues. Words I’d like everyone to repeat at least three times, especially the smug liberals in the media. They’ve made every excuse in the world for Hillary Clinton’s poor performance, yet they keep settling on the idea that the American voter is just too stupid to get their deep thoughts.

The readers of Vox and Salon like to look down at those of us who don’t need an “explainer” on the news. So of course their default reaction to being wrong is to blame others, self reflection is not in their vocabulary. Unless they want others to do so.

Think what you want about Trump, he is going to be President. In a few days the electoral college will meet and they will confirm the results of the election that was over two months ago. The shock should be wearing off anytime now for the Media, but they keep doubling down on their own stupidity. Even the headline to the Yahoo article I referenced was titled, “Pepsi CEO: ‘My Employees Cried When Trump Won“. No mention of the appointment to the advisory board, at all. But continue ranting about “Fake News” being the problem.

Keep insulting everyone who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton, a woman with more baggage than a Coach outlet. She was a terrible candidate who was under Federal Investigation, this isn’t that hard. The election was long and painful, but it is most definitely over. The sooner the Media acknowledges this the sooner we can all go back to pre-election normalcy.


Their hearts are broken, but they’ve had long enough to grieve. It’s time for them to accept reality, there is no alternative timeline where Hillary Clinton wins. Trump Won. The election of 2016 is over.

I’m willing to give President Trump a chance, but I plan to hold his feet to the fire as often as needed. What I don’t want to hear for the next four-eight years is that he is an illegitimate President. That kind of talk diminishes the entire electoral process. We have free and open votes here in America, it’s disingenuous to suggest otherwise.

Maybe that is why Trump has gone so heavily with private sector appointments, they understand that business is business. Or as some are fond of saying, Facts don’t care about your feelings. This applies to real world issues quite nicely, we really just want the best person for the job. The answer to any confirmation hearing should be “Qualified” or “Not Qualified” for the position. Trump seems to get it, I’ll give him that.

We could all learn a lesson from, get this Donald Trump. He’s not thinking about Hillary anymore, he’s not even planning to “Lock Her Up!” as they chanted. He’s moved on to putting his cabinet together. He’s working with those who opposed him the most, and they with him. This is the kind of leadership America has been lacking for the last eight years, who would have thought Trump would be the grown up in the room? But here we are.


Americans need to stop bickering about the election, and begin to look forward to the opportunities under a President Trump. First up is the liberation from Obamacare, that’s something we can all support.


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