Van Jones Is A Hypocrite; "The Messy Truth" on CNN

Just what we’ve all been waiting for Van Jones is going to explain Trump voters to us. In a new CNN series entitled, “The Messy Truth”, Jones attempts to understand those who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton.


Yes. They made a TV Show about this.

I got tired of just sitting on the CNN set, talking about Donald Trump voters.

So, days before the 2016 election, I decided to fly into a battleground state — and talk to them.

I visited Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where a major battle was fought in America’s Civil War. I wanted to know one thing: Are we on the verge of another civil war?

What I learned surprised me. The answers are even more important, now that Trump has won.

My film crew recorded our Gettysburg encounters in hopes they’d shed light on this tense moment in America.

Here’s the Trailer, you can watch for yourself:

Here’s the thing, if Van Jones was out talking to these people prior to the election how has he continued to deride Trump voters throughout the last month? Jones infamously called Donald Trump’s victory a “whitelash” just days after meeting with these people.

So either he was lying then or he’s lying now. It’s just that simple. He can’t have it both ways.

But wait there’s more….

But more empathy and understanding can keep us from needlessly inflaming one another, and this should create the conditions for a better understanding of our differences. Deeper insight can only help all sides.


These are Van Jones’ own words as he encourages people to watch and share his series. “Keep us from needlessly inflaming one another“, like suggesting all Republicans are Racist? That kind of inflammatory talk?

“Suddenly I have become the poster child for calling all the Trump people racists, when, in fact, I don’t think they’re all racists, but they tolerated racism. And that’s a problem,” he said.

“I’m not saying you’re a racist, necessarily, but I’m saying you tolerated it,” he said. “You didn’t reject it. And that hurts my feelings.”

While I’m all for people trying to come together after this divisive election cycle, I’m not at all certain that Van Jones is the guy to do it. The media has a credibility problem and ignoring their own hypocrisy is part of it. Now there’s some “messy truth” for you.


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