The Obama Legacy Ends With Barack, Michelle Won't Run For Future Office

President Obama sat down with Rolling Stone Magazine the morning after Donald Trump won the election. While Obama spent most of his time defending his failed legacy, he also made clear Michelle Obama won’t run for office in the future.


Michelle will never run for office. She is as talented a person as I know. You can see the incredible resonance she has with the American people. But I joke that she’s too sensible to want to be in politics.

Can we get this notarized?

Michelle Obama has been the star of all the campaign stops this year for Hillary Clinton. So it’s hard to imagine that she would walk away from it all, but perhaps President Obama knows more than we do. It’s been a nightmare scenario for more than one voter to imagine that we’ll have Obamas and Clintons on the ballot in 2020 or 2024.

Obama revisionist version of his Presidency is already forming, as he explained what he saw as his “legacy”.

Oh, well, you know there have been well-known moments like me walking across the colonnade and hearing the chants of “USA” after we had gotten bin Laden, or being up on the Truman Balcony with my young staff after we got the Affordable Care Act passed. There have been times just sitting in the Treaty Room reading letters from people who have a story to tell, a veteran who’s not getting services they need [and] a young DREAM Act kid who describes how he’s now gotten a degree and has gone back and is teaching in the school where he went, that move you deeply.

Gotta hand it to Obama, he never fails to bring up the death of Bin Laden as though he killed him by hand. As for the “Affordable Care Act”, Obama knows it’s gone as we currently know it. In fact it’s telling that he refers to it as the ACA when he’s gotten so comfortable with it being called “Obamacare” for the last 8 years. Has to sting a bit to know your signature piece of legislation was such a colossal failure that it led to the election of Donald J. Trump.


On the Presidency:

This is not about your power, your position or the perks, the Marine band. This is about this precious thing that we’ve inherited and that we want to pass on. And for me at least, that means you surround yourself with really good people, that you spend time learning and understanding what these issues are because they really actually have an impact on people. They’re not games that we’re playing. And that to the best of your ability, you’re making the decisions that you think are right for the American people – even when they’re not popular, even when they’re not expedient. And the satisfaction you get from that is that when you leave this place, you can feel like you’ve been true to this immense privilege and responsibility that’s been given to you.

First of all who is this guy? It’s been all about the power and position since he took office. From his first meeting with Eric Cantor where he proclaimed “I Won” the tone for his presidency was set. For the last eight years we’ve had to watch Obama act exactly like it all belonged to him. Especially the golf courses and private jets.

Seems President Obama was floating the “fake news” narrative as early as the morning after…

Well, the most important thing that I’m focused on is how we create a common set of facts. That sounds kind of abstract. Another way of saying it is, how do we create a common story about where we are. The biggest challenge that I think we have right now in terms of this divide is that the country receives information from completely different sources. And it’s getting worse. The whole movement away from curated journalism to Facebook pages, in which an article on climate change by a Nobel Prize-winning scientist looks pretty much as credible as an article written by a guy in his underwear in a basement, or worse. Or something written by the Koch brothers. People are no longer talking to each other; they’re just occupying their different spheres. And in an Internet era where we still value a free press and we don’t want censorship of the Internet, that’s a hard problem to solve. I think it’s one that requires those who are controlling these media to think carefully about their responsibilities, and [whether there] are ways to create a better conversation. It requires better civics education among our kids so that we can sort through what’s true and what’s not. It’s gonna require those of us who are interested in progressive causes figuring out how do we attract more eyeballs and make it more interesting and more entertaining and more persuasive.


Again fascinating as the press didn’t commit an act of journalism the entire time he held the office. Now he’s suddenly worried about people getting the truth or more worrisome to me his version of the truth. The line about a “common set of facts” sent a little chill up my spine.

And on a Trump presidency:

I think sitting behind that desk is sobering, and that it will have an impact on him as it has on every president. But I think the most important constraint on any president is the American people themselves, of an informed citizenry that is active and participating and engaged. And that is going to be something that I will, in my own modest ways, continue to try to encourage for the rest of my life.

Yay. Obama wants to stay in the public eye forever, maybe that is the reason he suggested Michelle would never run for office. After seeing what Hillary has done to the Clinton name and legacy, they may have decided not to chance it. We survived one Obama, here’s hoping they keep their word and don’t subject us to another.


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