Yep. Still #NeverTrump

Yep. Still #NeverTrump

To say that I’ve been vocal about my distaste for Donald Trump would be an understatement.  Yet since the beginning of the Republican Primaries, I was told by many that I’d eventually come around. Here I am just hours before casting my vote, 100% certain of one thing, I won’t be voting for Donald J. Trump.

Now I realize, I’m not representative of the majority by any means, in fact I’d say the number of true #NeverTrump voters is exceptionally small.  I’m okay with that.  Some are quite grateful for Evan McMullin and Gary Johnson, it’s nice to have options.  We’re the quiet minority.

Pundits and Politicians alike assured me that I would come to my senses, see the error of my ways and support the GOP Nominee.  They were wrong. Or as Beyonce has said, “You must not know ’bout me”.  I don’t cave to peer pressure, it’s not my thing. This doesn’t win me any popularity contests, but I can look at myself in the mirror each day. I can live with that.

Those political gurus told me that by November 8th, I’d have endured so much, that I’d have no choice but to vote for Donald Trump. That it would be difficult to breathe or even sleep as the election approached, if I didn’t bow to the ever mounting wave of Trumpism.  We were told it would be impossible to remain #NeverTrump until election day.  Impossible, a feat of unimaginable inhumanity.

Yet here we are … I’m still not voting for Donald Trump.

Not to say those who succumbed to Trump’s charms didn’t make every effort to convert heretics like myself, when gentle persuasion wasn’t enough, some resorted to actual criminal activity and threats. Those “Trumpkins” don’t make up all of Trump’s supporters though. It’d be unfair to suggest that they are.

There are the “But…Hillary” voters, which I understand, I can’t do it, but I get it. That is not to say that I will be voting for Hillary Clinton either, as I would never do that.  There are those so desperate for change, they’re willing to believe Trump might have the answers.  The most innocent of all are the “Straight R Ballot” voters, they’d pull that lever regardless of Candidate and do so every year.  So might suggest that makes them the most guilty, but I digress…

This has been an election that has destroyed friendships, marriages and businesses in it’s poisonous wake.  These are the times that try men’s souls, you could say.  It hasn’t been easy for those who work on political campaigns for a living or for those who merely catch their news on their facebook feed.  The emotional aftermath could be apocalyptic for some.  While there are those who will go back to their daily life on Wednesday morning with little to no change.  There will be those whose life will never be the same.  Life is a flat circle, so to speak. 

Other than that…. being #NeverTrump was one of the easiest things I’ve ever done. I didn’t have to go to rallies, no donations needed, no protests, all I have to do is not vote for Donald J Trump. How simple is that?

I didn’t have to change my mind on any of the issues that are important to me, and I didn’t have to defend the indefensible.  So to all those that worried for my troubled political soul, fear not, for I am at peace. My conscience is clear.

And still… #NeverTrump

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