America Is Over It; Election Fatigue 2016

America Is Over It; Election Fatigue 2016

Today is the day that’s nearly as important as Tuesday, it’s the final day of “official” polling results.  This signals the long awaited election is for real coming to an end.

In the latest polling of the people on my couch, voters are still undecided. That’s about all you need to know about polls at this point.   Want a poll to tell you Trump is going to win Pennsylvania? That Clinton is going to suffer a blowing defeat? That it will be a tie in the electoral college votes? We’ve got a poll for that.

The choose your own news election, has now reached the pinnacle of Media influence, the final day of polling. After painstaking months of discussion, debate, debacles the masters of polling have determined, that the really, real final polling suggests … it’s a statistical tie within the margin of error.

This is the moment campaigns begin the chants about how  important your vote is and the “Only Poll That Matters” is the one on Tuesday.  Like clockwork.

Why? Well I’m not a psychic but I can read a few things on the wall and I’ve yet to see a National Election with a margin of Victory, greater than the margin of error, thus making most polls little more than an illustration for political punditry.

The good news is … this means that while the hours of daylight are getting shorter, so are the hours the Media has left to bombard us with non-stop election coverage.

There is term for what the country is feeling, “Election Fatigue”.  Every four years there are studies done on the effects of the Presidential Campaign on the population, nearly all declare that Americans suffer from depression, anxiety, insomnia and more each time we have to vote for a President.  Maybe we could do something differently next time and get better results?

What we’ve experienced over the last 2 years has risen to the level of no longer tolerable. Primaries will need to take place in the future, but the “horse race to the Presidency” news coverage doesn’t need to start a year before they do.

We’ve effectively been submitted to political campaign messaging for so long that we’ve become numb. Living in a swing state only makes the situation worse as it begins to feel that you have no solace from the constant barrage of propaganda, each telling you what to think and how to think it.  This election is the most important election of our lives, vote for our candidate or die.  What voters endure is the emotional version of water boarding, you feel like you’re drowning, even if you’re not.

Everyone involved does this to generate excitement, to create a sense of urgency about getting out the vote.  No really. All of this is supposed to make you want to vote.

Some have picked up on that subtle messaging in a very telling way this year, by voting early. As I wrote yesterday, early voting numbers are at a record high.  What I didn’t write in that article is my rock solid theory that people just want this election to be over.

Whether it’s because we’ve got the worst two candidates ever, the worst media ever or the worst electorate ever, people from normals to political junkies are over this election.  In short, America is over it, with a capital “O”.

Spending time with both Democrats and Republicans it’s almost refreshing to hear them sigh in disgust, in unison.  Finally something that has united Americans of all stripes, we all are beyond election fatigue, we’re exhausted, and we’d like to go back to not caring about every single thing that happens in Washington, DC.  They don’t seem to care what happens in our world, unless they want something from us.  Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump represent the worst American politics has to offer, in turn they appear to have brought out the worst in us too.

To those who have already voted, bless you, I suspect you’re already sleeping better. For the rest of us, Tuesday can’t come or go soon enough.

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