Megyn Kelly To Join Kelly Ripa Morning After The Election

Just when you thought this election cycle couldn’t offer even a sliver of genuine hope, Live with Kelly as come in to save the day. The popular morning show hosted by Kelly Ripa has announced today that her guest host for the morning of November 9th will be Megyn Kelly, host of Fox News’ “The Kelly File”.


Megyn Kelly has become a lightening rod for the Trump Campaign and for those who support him. Her crime? She has refused to defer to his rudeness and she’s clearly not afraid to ask the tough questions that oft times send, Trump surrogates running.  This has caused her to become a heretic within some conservative circles of men who undoubtedly fear strong, beautiful women who are absolutely fearless.

Some of her supporters, have recognized that Kelly is one of the last few reliable television reporters in a market filled with partisans and fanboys.  It seems the major networks are noticing too.

Make no mistake, Megyn Kelly could have a successful career at any of the networks, based on her well earned reputation for being a rare find in cable “news”, she seems beholden to no one but her audience and the truth.  So many could learn so much for her.

While the Trump supporting women parade their trashy version of “sexy”, Megyn Kelly has shown time and time again, smart women are the sexiest women of all.  The fact that she is smoking hot is just a bonus.

Megyn Kelly in short is what I consider “life goals” in a well tailored suit.

Even the feminists are struggling to reconcile their feelings about a women who embodies what they say they want for all women, as Kelly doesn’t fit their angry, granola eating image.


The invitation to sit in with Kelly Ripa follows a few other network television appearances, after her widely discussed debate moderation, which lead to a year’s worth of harassment, insults and threats towards, Mrs. Kelly. While Trump supporters and old white men in political media have shown themselves to be all of the stereotypes, democrats accused them of for years, Megyn Kelly is tearing down those old tropes, and that may terrify them most of all.

If Fox News viewers are no longer interested in what Kelly has to say, there will be plenty of others that will line up for someone not intimidated by them, nor their army of angry white men.

The mainstream media has taken note of Ms. Kelly, and from where I stand the world is her proverbial oyster.  No one in cable news has earned it more.

Megyn Kelly may have the biggest balls in all of journalism right now.  She’s tough. She’s smart. She’s gorgeous. She is fearless in the wake of all the criticism she’s received at times from her own network’s other hosts and commentators.

Kelly Ripa’s show is a fun pop culture and current events show, whose largest audience is women. Moms, like Ripa and Kelly.  Ripa’s very public split with former co-host Michael Strahan in June, caused ripples throughout the media.  Leaving some to question, the treatment of Kelly Ripa by her own network.  The reason behind the decision for this pairing on this particular day has not been released, however the timing is in no way coincidental.  This is going to be interesting, to say the least. So set your DVRs.


The irony that Trump’s campaign has threatened to end Megyn Kelly’s career throughout and post election, is about to be met with the rock ribbed conviction of a woman who is actually good at what she does.

America is going to reward Megyn Kelly for her incredibly brave stand against the “whitewashing” of issues and Donald Trump.  I look forward to celebrating the next exciting phase of her career, as I cheer for her along at home.

According to the announcement in

The episode will be the Kelly File host’s first time emceeing the chatfest. Their guests will include Naomi Watts and Michael Ealy (Secrets and Lies); country singer Cam will perform.

So there is no indication that this will be a politically themed episode, but it is an indication that Megyn Kelly’s backbone of steel has earned her the respect of women and network executives everywhere. It’s also worth noting that the parent company of “Live with Kelly” is ABC, also the parent company of CNN.

In an election cycle where women have been used as pawns by both political parties, it’s refreshing to see that post November 8, 2016, the strong will survive. Those willing to suffer the scorn to tell the truth, will thrive.


I for one, am looking forward to watching these two incredible strong women enjoy their coffee on November 9th, as those who betrayed them enjoy their “Baileys and Cereal”.

In a word where credibility, content and consistency is king, Megyn Kelly is the Queen.

Long Live the Queen.


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