COVID-1984 ALERT: NJ Mayor Will Deploy Flying Drones to Police Social Distancing

COVID-1984 ALERT: NJ Mayor Will Deploy Flying Drones to Police Social Distancing
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Way back in February of 2020, we were treated to reports that China was using drones to police for social distancing violations.

A disturbingly enthusiastic article at Forbes called it ” the biggest and boldest experiment in population monitoring and control the world has ever seen.”

Well, Xi Jinping and his Chinese Communist Party cohorts ain’t got nothing on Elizabeth, New Jersey mayor, Chris Bollwage, who’s announced that he plans on following suit.

Nor does Forbes Magazine have anything on whatever coterie of wretched imbeciles comprises the editorial board of the New Jersey Star-Ledger in their enthusiasm for totalitarianism.

If you think I’m being harsh, it’s more than deserved. They wrote an editorial that didn’t just praise Bollwage’s disgustingly un-American plan to ape a communist surveillance state.

Their headline called anyone who isn’t dumb enough to fall for the preposterous idea of isolating healthy people to stop a respiratory virus, knuckleheads: This Mayor Uses Flying Robots to Catch Knuckleheads and We Love It.

There was never a shred of evidence that social distancing does anything to stop the spread of respiratory viruses.

Even the CDC’s most recent pandemic planning guide from 2017 admits that “direct evidence for the effectiveness of” social distancing is limited. And by limited, they really mean non-existent.

You have to sift through a couple of very long documents, each containing a long list of research on the effectiveness of various non-pharmaceutical interventions against respiratory viruses to find the “limited evidence” they’re referring to.

But—if you’re willing to spend the required day or so—you’ll find that almost every single one concerns hand-washing or something else without any bearing whatsoever on social distancing. And even the few that might be relevant in no way support the idea that keeping six feet away from people is effective against respiratory viruses

That’s probably why the CDC’s 2017 planning guide also recommends people keep three feet apart rather than six. The number is completely made up.

Researchers have found aerosols containing infectious COVID-19 virus 16-feet away from the only people who could have possibly shed them.

16 feet is as far as they checked. But given that an Argentinian naval ship suffered a COVID-19 outbreak after 14 days of quarantine followed by 35 days at sea, it isn’t likely to be anything close to the limit.

But the New Jersey Star-Ledger editorial board obviously doesn’t attract the sharpest tools in the shed. So it’s clearly too much to expect them to spend an hour or two doing the relevant research before enthusiastically endorsing Mayor Bollwage’s proposal.

Still, one might have expected them to have sufficient quantities of the American spirit to stop them from cheering a plan that’s literally straight out of the Chicom’s totalitarian playbook.

They try to justify the sickening scheme by pointing to the fact that Elizabeth, NJ, which has a population of around 30,000, has seen a total of 199 reported COVID-19 deaths.

Let’s forget what any imbecile knows—namely, that the number of reported COVID-19 fatalities has to be vastly larger than the number of Americans actually killed by the virus since, among other factors, anyone dying within 60 days of a positive diagnosis gets put on its kill list regardless of how little role it actually played.

Doesn’t matter if you died of a gunshot wound or in an accident on the road.

Moreover, as everyone except apparently the editorial board at the NJ Star-Ledger knows, an enormous proportion of reported COVID-19 fatalities occurred in nursing homes. So how many of those 199 deaths would have been prevented by increased social distancing even if it wasn’t pseudoscientific quack medicine?

But forget all of that and suppose that 199 of Elizabeth, NJ’s roughly 30,000 inhabitants succumbed to the virus over the past twelve months and every single one would still be alive today if drones had been flying around patrolling for social distancing scofflaws.

How many people died of other preventable causes? If a total of 199 deaths justifies letting the government police our behavior with flying drones, how many other causes of deaths besides COVID would justify the same or more?

A Twitter user recently suggested that we desperately need to enact a Public Health Bill of Rights to protects us from future assaults on our liberty in the name of keeping us safe from disease, which enshrines the following three principles.

  1. Healthy until proven ill. (Innocent of sickness until proven guilty).
  2. The burden is on the government to prove transmission.
  3. Health is the responsibility of the individual, not the collective.

All one has to do is reflect on the unprecedented trashing of our rights we’ve witnessed over the last year in the name of public health to see that he’s clearly on to something.

This has to stop, and it must never happen again.

And we need to return to the days when even the low-IQ types who evidently populate the New Jersey Star-Ledger editorial board knew better than to applaud a government plan to spy on American citizens with drones.


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