Insipid: "Dear Woman"

Here’s a video Caleb Howe found and tweeted. Short description: Hippie men apologize to all women for all men. Please watch it:



My initial response was to laugh so hard I cried. My stomach hurt. This was eight minutes of pure comedy. Some viewers on my Facebook page were incredulous. That has to be parody! Anyone who has seen the crying tree video knows, for a certainty, that the men in this video are deadly serious. They can bear this collective guilt no more! They must come clean with womyn everywhere.

My second response was that they were full of crap. These guys probably have porn stashes that make Larry Flint blush. Why do I say that? Because when someone has to tell me how much he thinks/feels/believes something instead of live his beliefs, I’m suspect. Ever been told by someone, “you can trust me”? Do you trust them now?

My third response was that we’re doomed. The Western world is utterly, completely doomed. The National Organization of Women have been continually pumping out anti-male propaganda for two generations. Now, some men apparently feel the need to apologize for simply being.

As per usual, the liberals are bending history and culture to their own view. The conquering, civilization-building, daring-do of men is lost in a haze of pillaging, raping, and aggression. The traits typically attributed to men are whole-sale demonized–and these men buy it. So, it’s not a matter of men even being capable of being fully masculine and noble. No, a fully masculine man is by his very nature wrong.


Who, pray tell, will defend Western Civilization from true brutality if men aren’t willing to stand up and defend it? How could a man do so without feeling torn to shreds inside? He would feel that his very act of aggression (even the needed and necessary ones) are wrong.

Nearly as bad, these men think that their insipid apology will win them the affection of the fairer sex. Allahpundit, self-described Beta, says (go read his whole take), “Of the half-dozen or so women I’ve seen comment on it on Twitter, not a single one has been receptive. The cruel fate of the beta, my friends.”

Of course women aren’t receptive! Hello? Mushy males are only appealing in theory. In reality, they’re a pain-in-the-ass bunch.

These are the men who don’t buy into the patriarchal stereotypes of the “male-provider model”. Translation: I don’t want to work. These are the men who are “in touch with their feelings”. Translation: I whine and complain a lot. These are the men who believe in 100% equality. Translation: You clean the dishes and change the oil while I write a new song for my guitar.

In short, both feminism and this new conscious men thing have simultaneously neutered men, told them they’re unnecessary, and created men who feel justified in living trivial and eternally juvenile lives.


Essentially, they want to feel good about their own embrace of irrelevance. Is it any wonder they’re angry? [But only passive-aggressively so.]

The feminist and social movements of the sixties have spawned generations of confused people. They’re having more and empty sex. They’re making less connection. They’re ashamed of their essential nature (the National Organization for Women effectively did that to women a generation ago–so demonized was motherhood).

This nonsense needs to be rejected and ridiculed. Our culture and civilization cannot continue if we turn out wussified failure-at-trying-to-be-female types. Men can be brutal. Thankfully. Put that nature to good, civilized use and you have the Chrysler building and the Hoover Dam. Put that nature to good, civilized use and you have the sacrifices of World War II. Put that nature to good use, you have a kid who learns how to suck it up and get back on the damn bike.

Our culture elevates this garbage while simultaneously feeding us this hypermale posing of the inner-city. Little boys grow through the elementary years soaking in the message of that video (boys are bad) and then get ticked off and have no man in their lives to model civilized aggression. So the only choices for a modern man is to be either passive and female or aggressive and criminal.


No. Men are intrinsically valuable. The power, strength, protective, building nature must be directed. It is a very good force in the world.

While this video was hilarious and mock-worthy, the underlying message is seriously flawed and destructive. Too many people believe this nonsense. How else does one explain the America-loathing of the left? Power, itself, is the problem. Ergo, men who have the power, are the problem.

No, they’re not.


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