President Biden to Address the Nation From Oval Office About Wars in Ukraine and Israel

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

President Joe Biden is to address the nation Thursday at 8 pm Eastern Standard Time to speak about the ongoing war in Ukraine and the war in Israel against Hamas in Gaza. As Biden traveled back from Israel, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said on Wednesday:


Tomorrow, President Biden will address the nation to discuss our response to Hamas’ terrorist attacks against Israel and Russia’s ongoing brutal war against Ukraine.

The announcement of the speech by the White House was vague in the details, but President Biden has not addressed the nation from the Oval Office since June 2nd; however, his comments then were directed at the debt ceiling. This will be the first time for Biden to speak from the Oval Office regarding an ongoing war. Historically, presidents have addressed the nation from the Oval Office only when speaking about issues regarding our national security or other very serious situations. We can only speculate on what Biden will say exactly. However, one can assume that Biden will speak about a likely invasion of Gaza by the IDF.

Nations like Iran and terrorist forces like Hamas and Hezbollah are all threatening their own military responses if certain conditions are met, which would spell disaster for the entire world. It could also potentially throw off recent peace accords that former President Donald Trump managed to secure during his presidency back in 2020. 

....[T]he President officiated at a ceremony whereby two Arab Nations forswore their previous enmity towards the State of Israel and formally established diplomatic relations. This is the first Arab-Israeli peace accord in 26 years.

Of some significance, this occurred 2 days prior to the 42nd anniversary of signing of the Camp David Accords in which President Jimmy Carter brokered such an agreement between Israel and Egypt, the first Arab nation to officially recognize Israel.


This war stands a very good chance of throwing the entire region into chaos for a very long time. This will have a crippling effect on America's economy, not to mention many European nations, which all heavily depend on the oil produced in the region. In addition, this does have the potential to light the rhetorical match that can ignite the dumpster fire that would be World War III. There is enough American firepower in the Mediterranean Sea to inflict critical damage to any opponent that intervenes on Hamas's behalf. 

However, Russian President Vladimir Putin has subtly implied that American naval forces are now within range of Russian hypersonic missiles and has ordered them put on board his long-range bombers that patrol the Black Sea. With America supplying the Ukrainians with a long-range Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS), which has already been put to good use against Russian forces, it would seem that Putin is now threatening American forces in the Mediterranean Sea without actually saying it.  

The world is looking towards Biden with the hope that he can handle this without escalating things beyond redemption, but with his track record of barely being coherent at times, tripping up and down stairs, and seemingly falling asleep when he is supposed to be listening to people, I am not very hopeful that he can do what is required. One thing is for certain: Thursday night at 8 PM Eastern, America, along with the rest of the world, will find out what exactly is going on and what is being done to contain it. 


Biden's speech on Thursday is likely to be carried live on all cable and broadcast networks and streamed online, according to Deadline.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: An earlier version of this story included reference to alleged information from Israeli sources regarding a "green light" from US President Joe Biden. That information has not been independently sourced and has been removed from the story. We regret the error.)



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