More American Sovereignty Sold Away to China by Goldman Sachs

(AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)

In a shocking report by the Financial Times, investing giant Goldman Sachs has made moves to purchase seven private American and English companies, including an English cybersecurity company called LRQA, which handles cybersecurity inspections for many industries, including aerospace and defense. 

The Wall Street bank has struck seven deals using cash from a $2.5bn private equity “partnership fund” it set up in 2017 with the sovereign wealth fund China Investment Corporation, according to multiple people with direct knowledge of the fund and its operations.

The deals include a start-up that tracks global supply chains, a consultancy that advises on cloud computing, a drug testing company and a manufacturer of systems used for artificial intelligence, drones and electric vehicle batteries. Although the bank announced it had invested in the companies, it did not say the deals were financed at least partly from the China fund. 

In 2021, Goldman used the partnership fund with CIC to help finance its purchase of LRQA, the inspections and cyber unit of UK maritime classifications group Lloyd’s Register. LRQA carries out inspection and certification services, and operates in the aerospace, defence, energy and healthcare industries among others.

The business includes cyber security group Nettitude, which says on its website that it is an approved service provider for the UK government and helps to “strengthen government and defence organisations across the world”. Its work includes “ethical hacking”, in which its staff attempt to hack clients’ systems to assess their vulnerabilities.

In 2017, the American investment company sealed a deal with China Investment Corporation, which is a sovereign wealth fund with over $1 trillion that manages China's foreign exchange reserves. 

Goldman’s then-CEO Lloyd Blankfein unveiled the China-US Industrial Cooperation Partnership Fund during a state visit to Beijing by then-President Donald Trump. The bank touted the fund as an “anchor investor” that would help companies expand their presence in China.

This disturbing news comes in the light of the Chinese government through various shell companies purchasing land across the United States, including major swaths of farmland and land that is adjacent to major US Military installations. Just last year, a Chinese agriculture company purchased 300 acres adjacent to Grand Forks Air Force Base, whose facilities in North Dakota hold some of the Defense Department's most secretive drone programs. 

This trend seems to be getting worse, with American investment companies like Goldman Sachs seemingly selling out their own country to a nation that is not just an adversary. They are our nation's highest security threat right now, and some military and intelligence analysts say they will most likely be our enemy in the next major shooting war. RedState's expansive coverage of the Chinese threat to America shows a very concerning trend of continued spying, land grabs, covert medical labs, and more should alarm everyone. RedState Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar exposed former CAGOP Vice Chair Peter Kuo as a CCP agent in an ever-expanding story of how China has been discovered penetrating our political parties with spies and more.

Despite Kuo’s claimed love for our country, a source in the US intelligence community with knowledge of Kuo’s activities has confirmed to RedState that Kuo has been a Chinese asset for more than a decade, partnering directly with Chinese state-owned enterprises which the US Trade Representative and an expert in Chinese military innovation have identified as being linked to the theft or transfer of American intellectual property by China. “Claiming to be Taiwanese and anti-Communist is a tactic many CCP assets have successfully used for decades to gain the trust of Americans,” the source warned.

China's activities should be alarming to everyone, but now we have American investment companies like Goldman Sachs making million and billion-dollar deals with a nation that has a proven and verified track record of industrial espionage, military harassment of our forces overseas, and surveilling American military bases from land they purchase that sits next to them. President Biden's foreign policy is so weak that China is running circles around him while he falls asleep at the wheel. While Biden falls asleep or Senator Mitch McConnell's mind shuts down like Windows 98, the fight is left up to governors, congressmen, and women to secure our land from China.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis appears to understand the threat posed by China. He went after them not long after being elected to his second term as Florida Governor: 

DeSantis appears to see the big picture, observing: “It’s a larger issue. It’s just one, I think we’re a big fish now, I think we have the 13th biggest economy in the world, if we were our own country in Florida, you know, we’re a force to be reckoned with.” Acknowledging the dangers of remaining overly intertwined with China economically, DeSantis said, “It hurts our economy and it hurts our security.”

DeSantis added: “When COVID hit, people needed all these supplies; I think like 100 percent of it was made in China. Why would you want to rely on a hostile nation for things that are integral for our quality of life and security?”

Congressman Chip Roy (R-TX) has his sights set on the same threat that DeSantis and many others see. He recently introduced legislation dubbed "Securing America’s Land from Foreign Interference Act," which aims to stop or significantly reduce foreign influence from enemies like China through land grabs throughout the U.S. President Biden needs to stop napping and butchering the English language whenever he opens his mouth and take the gloves off with China. Stop allowing foreign nations to buy our land, remove favored nation status from China, and push back on their harassment of our forces over the South China Sea, just to name a few steps we need to take. Stop making us look weak and feckless, Mr. President. 



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