Chip Roy Seeks to End CCP Buying up US Land, Rebukes Biden's Weak-Kneed National Security

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My colleague Bonchie wrote earlier today about the Biden Administration’s continued insistence on bending a knee to Europe and Vladimir Putin, and how that state of affairs isn’t all bad. As he put it (albeit sarcastically), “[there’s] good news. They love us again, and all it cost us was massive inflation, open borders, energy independence, concessions to Russia and Iran, and attacks on the very foundation of our culture.” As readers might recall, it’s no different from what his former boss “the Lightbringer” did when Biden acted as vice president for eight years.


But, back to the present. As with most problems this administration causes, it’s even worse than all that.

Of course, the weak foreign policy just goes along with Biden’s busted economy, sieve-like border security (and more importantly, the ever-worsening, human trafficking crisis).

Now, in exclusive reporting in Spectator World by their Amber Athey, on Friday, Cong. Chip Roy (R-Texas) is showing world leaders meeting at the G-7 that at least some Republicans aren’t willing to stand by and let Biden burn our national security interests to the ground.

In a new bill, Roy makes a blistering rebuke of the administration’s letting China and other enemy nations run roughshod over our homeland. The bill is meant to stop China — and others — from buying up U.S. land:

Texas congressman Chip Roy is introducing legislation Friday to ban members of the Chinese Communist party from purchasing American land, The Spectator has learned.

The bill, ‘called the ‘Securing America’s Land from Foreign Interference Act’’, aims to curb foreign influence gained through major land purchases throughout the United States, which Roy identifies as a major national security threat. A Chinese-based energy company recently purchased a 130,000-acre wind farm in Texas right next to a US Air Force base. Smithfield, one of the nation’s largest meat producers, is owned by a Chinese firm and yet controls nearly 150,000 acres of US land.


The congressman wrote in a press release, in part:

The [U.S.] needs to recognize the threat of direct Chinese investment in the U.S. economy and take serious action to prohibit the [CCP] from ever gaining this type of domestic control over us.

Roy also noted in the release that the legislation couldn’t be more urgent — considering some rather questionable, recent activity by an entity connected to the Chinese regime. As the Daily Caller reported via a local, Texas news story from August 2020:

A China-based energy corporation bought over 130,000 acres for building a wind farm in Texas near Laughlin Air Force Base in Del Rio, according to information from WTXF-TV. The fact that such an amount of land was bought near a defense facility raised eyebrows.

Wait, what?  A company tied to the CCP, sitting near a U.S. air force base? A place where our military leaders and servicemembers are currently making critical decisions about our national defense?

It’s worth noting that this week, RedState’s Jeff Charles pointed to the Biden team’s wrongheaded stance with foreign nations, in light of China’s visible push to clamp down on U.S. trade with Taiwan. As well he should. Any reasonable person can see that it borders on suicidal for any sovereign nation to allow this activity to continue.


No. Every member of Congress needs to be held to account, right now, on this issue — Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Polka Dot Party. Whatever you want to call yourself. National security should never be a partisan issue; it’s something every one of these people — including Biden and Cackles McHarris — raised their hands and swore (or affirmed) to defend. Even if they refuse to, we as Americans can’t stand down on this — no way.

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