Arianna Huffington: Astroturfer

In what Freud would call projection, the Left continues to accuse the Tea Party of using tactics that they are using.

The accusations flew when around one million people attended last year’s 9/12 Taxpayer March on Washington. How could that many people be that upset? Why would they come out en masse against the President that was to be America’s Savior? Surely they must have been bought and paid for by foreign interests and evil corporations!


The truth is that there is no such thing as a political savior, and Americans realized very quickly that there is no way to spend yourself out of debt. The uprising was organic, and we could not have manufactured something on that scale if we’d tried. It simply doesn’t work.

Case in point: The OneNation rally, held on October 2nd of this year. Even the most well funded and organized groups cannot duplicate the true power held by a decentralized groundswell of the American people. The beautiful chaos of our movement, when set against the centrally planned OneNation rally, reveals what Americans have always known: Power released by individuals will always triumph over the artificial control of planners and bureaucrats.

This is representational of America’s fundamental disconnect with Washington. Big government – the most well funded special interest – cannot compete with the power of the market. It is why freedom works… and it is why we have never had to subsidize transportation to any of our events.

This is also why the Left continually finds itself in this predicament. Their very ideology runs contrary to the interests and values of the American people. The people don’t like to be controlled or directed and history has shown that they only tolerate tyranny for so long before they revolt.


Arianna Huffington only further illustrates the fundamental disconnect by committing to spend $250k to bus people from New York City to Washington, DC for Jon Stewart’s Restoring Sanity rally on October 30th. As of last week, 11,000 people had registered for space on the Huffington funded buses.

The question is this: What does this actually accomplish? What happens when they run out of other people’s money and can no longer subsidize attendance of major rallies? The answer is that their “movement” will crumble. What the Tea Party has done is tap into an energy and a fundamental value that may change forms from time to time, but will never disappear. This is why we are successful, and this is why we are here to stay.



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