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I just read this article from the Federalist, and you should, too, if you are vaguely interested in the never ending gun control debate. I like my guns, and a few of us tend to show that, whenever a topic makes the national headlines.


I guess one could say I am stealing this great writer’s content, but not intentionally, because every bit of this has been in the public domain, for decades. I hope to flatter him, because he says it better than I have been able to, and his list is a comprehensive one that usually doesn’t get mentioned, because I think, between myself and a few around here, even on many gun forums, this stuff is often just written off as being too reaching. Some gun nuts, they are!

Mark Overstreet wrote this article for the Federalist, and it is worth repeating until the cows come home, so, my summary.

The Top Ten Gun Laws Americans Really Need:

You should read this in its entirety, at the Federalist, because he does a great job explaining how Trump needs to do these things, and leave out his Manhattan bent, and his anti gun family members.

The best defense is a good offense. Always has been, always will be, and goes without saying, especially considering that the Supreme Court agrees, DC v Heller.

His list is really a very good explanation of why there should be no gun laws, other than those that keep guns out of the hands of criminals, and obvious mentally deficient people.

  1. “Repeal the Gun Control Act’s prohibition on young adults buying handguns”. This should be a no brainer, but if a young adult can marry, defend our country and vote, why can’t they purchase a handgun?
  2. “Repeal that GCA prohibition from buying a handgun from an out of state gun dealer”. This is such a stupid provision, anyway. What is the problem with me buying a firearm in Kentucky, one state north, and owning it in Tennessee, and not having to go through two FFLs to perform this feat? It is a stupid law, and should go, since you can buy a rifle, and only have to go through one FFL.
  3. “Repeal or amend the Gun Free School Zones Act”. Absolutely! This got a local man arrested and booked in my hometown, and got reported on the New York Post, last week, like it was the crime of the century, when all the man was doing was going to pick his kid up from school, unless I messed something.
  4. “Pass the National right to carry reciprocity legislation”. Should be a no-brainer, but people will argue about states rights stuff, and probably kick this one down, when the 2nd Amendment doesn’t care about some states rights issues. It come before that BS that people use, as in the 9th and 10th Amendment, which is not meant to undermine other articles in the Bill of Rights, anyway. Oh, well.
  5. “Amend the GCA’s firearm importation law”. Ever hear of 922 regulations? Silliest crap that the BATFE makes use of, and they probably pay little attention to it, as well. Scoot! Go away!
  6. “Amend the GCA’a armor piercing ammunition law”. There is no reason to have this one, either. It was intended to regulate certain kinds of handgun ammunition, but has spread to rifle ammunition, but armor piercing ammunition means so little, unless you want to disarm a tractor on your way to the range. Bullets just bullet. There is no extra inherent danger in an AP 7.62 round than there is a soft point version, or a boat tail hollow point, which will reach out much farther and do it’s job than the armor piercing will.
  7. “Repeal the GCA’s prohibition on using imported parts when assembling a semi auto rifle”. More of that 922 stuff that makes so little sense as to make you question who wrote this stuff, in the first place.
  8. “Repeal the National Firearms Act restrictions on silencers”. I wonder how many crimes have been committed by criminals using silencers, off the silver screen? My favorite one, using a silencer, and a submachine gun in the same movie, was Three Days of the Condor. but a movie does not make good laws. I’m pretty sure the mailman used a silenced MAC 10, if I recall correctly, so that was a double shot from Hollyweird. And Max Von Sydow used his silencer a couple times.
  9. Repeal the NFA’s restrictions on short barreled rifles and remove shotguns from the NFA’s definition of “destructive device”. Originally, the NFA was intended for taxing the Hell out of machine gun purchases. In 1934, $200 for a tax stamp was more than the Thompson sold for, at hardware stores.
  10. Change the NFA’s definition of “machinegun” and repeal the 1986 ban on new machine guns. Personally, I think he could have just said repeal the National firearms Act of 1934, the Gun Control Act of 1964, and 1968, and the Hughes Amendment to the 86 Act, but he wrote it, and I like his version, as well.

We must be vigilant in protecting the rights we have. In this latest presidential election cycle, we know exactly what the left wants to do with “Our” firearms, and we need to be pushing for everything on this list, and never, ever give up, like our counterparts in the debate never, ever do. Those rights we have, have also been eroded over time, by the pernicious use of leftist tyrannical demands. Most of these laws came about, because of crime being the main excuse, and then attaching the emotional stunts to pass more bad laws, which only resulted in more crime. If anyone can demonstrate to me, how the 1934 act has prevented crime, I’d love to hear about it, because it falls under the idea Ayn Rand wrote, about new laws being written and passed to make new criminals, and not doing anything to prevent the existing crime.

It is the message that needs to get out about these ten items, until the time comes that we have a Congress and President who might act to get rid of this nonsense. It could be Trump, but not this current Congress.

Thanks to Mark Overstreet for an awesome article.

Federalist.com is where you can read the pure and unadulterated version. I just think it needs to be heard from every mountaintop.




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