ON FIRE: Ted Cruz Jumps on Trump's 'No Tax on Tips' Idea and Introduces Bill

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There are talkers, then there are doers. Ted Cruz is showing everyone that he is the latter. The Texas senator was quick to act on a fresh idea announced by Donald Trump that would help middle-class Americans right where they need it. 


Trump first announced his idea to end taxes on tips for hospitality workers at a Las Vegas rally on June 9th. 

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Cruz immediately favored the idea and promptly produced a bill. The "No Tax on Tips Act" is co-sponsored by Republican Sens. Steve Daines of Montana, Rick Scott of Florida, and Kevin Cramer of North Dakota. (There was a similar bill filed by other Republicans last week that credits the proposal as once pioneered by former presidential candidate and Texas Libertarian senator, Ron Paul.)

American workers in dozens of industries depend on tipped wages to support themselves," Cruz said in a statement. "Today, I am introducing pro-worker legislation, the No Tax on Tips Act, to ensure they get to keep all of those tips. This legislation is a common-sense, pro-worker bill that will help families deal with the historic inflation caused by the Biden administration."

Cruz is a one-time rival of former president Donald Trump, but that didn't stop him from seeing a great opportunity to help middle-class Americans. He continued:


“For someone that’s working as a waiter or waitress or someone that’s working as a taxicab driver or someone who’s working as a bellhop at a hotel, there are a lot of people who are starting to climb the economic ladder who rely on tips,”...

“The caricature of Republicans is that Republicans were the party of the rich and Democrats are the party of the poor and the working class.”

Although that may be the caricature, it's hard to see how Democrats consistently support the working middle class. They notoriously punish the successful and wealthy with harsher taxes and laws, but encourage those under the poverty level to continue living on assistance. Who are the people stuck in the middle? Those trying to climb the ladder, work hard for themselves, and get ahead. These are the people who would most benefit from this bill.

The bill is not without criticism. Republican Rep. Chip Roy asked some important questions:

 “Like, why would you favor tip-earners versus another person who makes similar wages? ... That might even pose some legal questions in terms of how you’re treating one person versus another.”


In all transparency, here's the deal: It's very hard to hold people accountable for cash tips. Anyone who has worked in the restaurant or hospitality industry knows that it's extremely common for cash tips not to be declared correctly, if at all. That makes this an easy win for Republicans that might not cost us much, because it's not money we had in our hands beforehand regardless. 

But it also shows that conservatives work the hardest to reward people who work hard. They are the true champions of the middle class because they help provide fair pathways to success and continue to promote a merit system where you can get what you work for. That is the dream that America was built on, and conservatives have kept the common sense simplicity of hard work equaling great rewards. 


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