While Gaza Pier Floats Away, Biden Spends $300 Million on Kenyan Police For Haiti

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While we have been distracted trying to catch our money floating off into the ocean with the Gaza pier (literally and metaphorically), Biden has a new project that has slipped under the radar. In his new masterful foreign policy plan, the president has agreed to pay $300 million to send Kenyan police to Haiti in an attempt to stabilize the country and control gangs.


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This has been in the works for some time since the Haitian government formally requested assistance from the United Nations. While the UN is not the founder of the Multinational Security Support Mission in Haiti, the coalition formed to help provide security support to Haitian police has its support and approval. 

Haiti has been a struggling nation for some time but experienced extreme violence and heightened instability after the assassination of its president, Jovenel Moïse, in 2021. Ariel Henry then assumed power without an election and governed without a constitutional mandate or elected officials until March of this year, when he resigned. These factors contributed to a very hostile environment where gangs have thrived, and gangs are now said to rule over 80 percent of the nation's capital.

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There are 11 million people who live in Haiti and the Haitian police number around 9,000. For comparison, New York City has eight million inhabitants and 36,000 police officers. To solve this crisis, the coalition of countries has promised funds and personnel to supplement the Haitian forces. The estimated total cost for one year is $600 million. The U.S. will foot the bill for half. 


Benin has promised 2,000 personnel and Biden has used our portion of the donation to hire 1,000 Kenyan troops rather than send our own men, which would also be a bad decision. Other countries have promised support but have not given an exact number of personnel. 

In Kenya, President Wiliam Ruto faces legal backlash over the hire.

Ruto is facing legal challenges in Nairobi over the decision to commit Kenyan forces to a conflict thousands of miles from home when his own country has no shortage of economic and security challenges. He said that Kenya, as a democracy, has a duty to help.

A Project Veritas investigative reporter interviewed Daniel Fitzgerald, who is a State Department Official responsible for allocating U.S. foreign aid to the Caribbean. He said in the telling video, 

"It's a disaster. It's truly a disaster. And they're throwing so much money at it."

"Do you remember in 2017... We dropped I think a whole 2.1 billion dollars for their recovery... and like look where it's gotten us." 

Even some of the Democrats' own can see the reckless spending. While, in principle, the idea of helping Haiti is good and can be argued to be beneficial, especially with the Florida coast and potential immigration issues, attempts to help the country in the past have failed miserably. President Biden also promised coming into office in 2021 that he would end U.S. involvement in "endless" wars. The pulling out of Afghanistan is seen by many as throwing away everything the U.S. sacrificed, including the blood of our own soldiers, in the 20 years of our time invested there. Now, Biden wants to start another project with no clear, achievable goal or plan for follow-through. 


We haven't even been able to consistently agree on aid to Ukraine and Israel, both crucial allies. Our own borders are seeing terrorists cross over. And yet, Biden is writing another blank check to a complex conflict and failing country. Fitzgerald is skeptical it will stay at $300 million, which is already more than what was originally announced. So will it be more? I guess that depends on the president's whims. 

"Yeah...Probably more because if the President wants to do it, then like we're doing it."



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