Stupid liberal logic: profiling caused arrest of 14-year-old who made a clock


So Hillary Clinton is hurling herself on the #IStandWithAhmed bandwagon, supporting the 14-year old who was arrested in Irving, Texas for making a…homemade alarm clock.

I am hurling myself with her, albeit for a totally different reason. Clinton really believes that it’s wrong to profile Ahmed Mohamed because he has a “Muslim-sounding” name and built something electronic. I believe it’s just incredibly stupid to arrest a boy for inventing stuff and not profiling him.

The article linked in the tweet—by Vox’s Ezra Klein—typifies the liberal response. I’ll summarize:

1) We shouldn’t appear to be anti-Muslim because radical Muslims think we don’t like them although they’re trying to kill us.

2) America is behind on math and science so we should let kids build bombs if they want.

3) Immigration!

4) Look at the poor boy’s face (really!).

Listen, it’s absolutely awful and stupid that Ahmed was arrested for making a clock. If this was Big Hero 6 world, we’d be arresting Hiro Hamada for upgrading Baymax because he might be plotting an attack on Pearl Harbor (or something). This is the sad truth—we shouldn’t have arrested Ahmed because we should be profiling.

If this was Israel, they would not have arrested him. In fact, they’d have given him a scholarship to the Technion (Israel’s version of MIT). Because Israel profiles. They’d have been so deep into this kid’s head and his family that they’d know he’s not a threat. They’d know he’s not a radicalized Muslim or a Palestinian terrorist.

Watch the video.

Listen to Ahmed’s accent. Does he sound like he’s fresh from Afghanistan? Do you hear him talking about Allah or saying the Shahada? I have no idea if the boy is actually a Muslim or not—but here’s the idiocy—neither did the Irving police or school district officials. It’s so off-limits to profile in America that we have to either become racist pigs and deal with people by their names or the color of their skin, or—worse—use kid gloves for those who could be actual terrorists.

The final point of absurdity here: would a radicalized high school freshman build a bomb-detonator, then take it to school and show it to his engineering teacher? I’d arrest the engineering teacher too, because he might be Osama bin Laden’s brother-in-law; he didn’t turn in young Ahmed or confiscate the device. It’s absolutely beyond rational thought to act this way.

And that’s what’s frightening. We in America, from the school districts, to the local police, to the FBI and Border Patrol, are so tied up in knots, so hamstrung and forced to tiptoe on eggshells covered with powdered sugar, that we can’t tell the difference between a kid who likes to tinker with electronics and a real terrorist.

Actually, we can tell the difference. We just don’t want to.

So we arrest genuinely smart kids and let real terrorists go free. And people like Hillary Clinton and Ezra Klein think more of that will solve the problem.

This is not an issue for CAIR, who would positively love for all young men with Muslim-sounding names to be left alone at all costs.

This is not about guns (please don’t bring guns into this!)—but liberals make it about guns.

This is not about race wars. Oh God, what are these people thinking?

This is about common sense, something that the entire elite, butt-sniffing liberal political crowd doesn’t have a drop to share between them all.

While the real terrorists laugh at us, countries that really deal with terrorism simply shake their heads. We all know the answer is profiling, but profiling done with a brain, not a reflexive “look at his face!”

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