WATCH: ‘Building America’s Future’ Releases Powerful Ad, Slams Biden for Not Keeping American Women Safe

AP Photo/Mike Stewart

Following the tragic rape and murder of Laken Riley, Rachel Morin, and Jocelyn Nungaray, among other American women, by illegal aliens, a powerful ad was released by "Building America's Future," where it highlights the recent tragedies and that women in America are unsafe as long as criminals are allowed to come into the country under Biden's border policy. 


The ad states:

It just keeps happening. Laken Riley wasn't the first, and in Joe Biden's America, sadly she won't be the last ... Illegal immigrant Victor Hernandez, he was wanted for murder, but Biden let him in ... Now, he is charged with raping and beating Rachel Morin, a mother of five, to death. Rachel Morin, Laken Riley, and countless others. Joe Biden's open border, a nightmare for American women.


When is enough going to be enough? Even one person being murdered is way too many. But it seems like, at least once a week, we are hearing about another rape and/or murder by illegal aliens who are entering the country, completely unvetted, and all Biden will say is that the GOP needs to act, instead of him, as the "leader" of America sealing the border any which way possible to stop the mayhem and the unnecessary loss of life. 

When running for president, Biden spoke an awful lot about "compassion" and "decency," yet him keeping the border open for criminals to enter the country and kill Americans, particularly women, is the opposite of compassion and decency. 


The Democrats speak a lot about "women's rights," but the only time they mention women's rights is when talking about abortion. Never do they mention women's rights in the case of Laken Riley, Rachel Morin, or any of the other victims. Is safety not a woman's right? Or do they care when it's about aborting a child? It is unconscionable what we have seen transpire in the past couple of months and for the past three-and-a-half years due to Biden's open border policy. 


This was a sad yet powerful ad by "Building America's Future." Hopefully, more people will get the opportunity to see the ad and see the horror that these illegal aliens have brought to many different families across the country.

It is an outrage that Biden has not called or met with these families and even more an outrage that it happened in the first place when it was completely avoidable. 


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