The Movement for Ousting Biden Grows

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Amidst the growing number of signs that President Joe Biden could be ousted at the Democratic National Convention, the Lincoln Project co-founder and Biden supporter Steve Schmidt is concerned about Biden's campaign being in a "death spiral."


The damning report by Special Counsel Robert Hur indicates Biden's "hazy" memory and inability to recall his son Beau's passing. With pressure mounting for Biden to refute the report, he faced the cameras and confused the leader of Egypt with the leader of Mexico.

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Some in conservative media, such as Glen Beck, have predicted that the Democrat nominee will be former First Lady Michelle Obama. While others have not given a specific name but said Biden will not be the nominee. 

Schmidt, who is a "never Trumper" and a former Republican, endorsed Biden in 2020 and continues his support during the 2024 election. However, it seems like Schmidt is souring on Biden, as the polls show the race for President closer than some expected. 


Schmidt went as far as saying it is "absurd" that Biden is the strongest candidate to defeat former President Donald Trump. 

"The reality is that the Biden campaign is entering this week in a death spiral. This is as serious a moment an incumbent president has faced this far from an election since Lyndon Johnson in 1968, who announced his intention to withdraw from the race in March of 1968." 

Schmidt suggested the Democrats could hold an open convention, as well as telling his viewers to know the name of Democrat Maryland Governor Wes Moore. 

"There are 267 days left until election day. Pretending that everything is fine and ignoring what is clear is not okay. The danger is too great. The chances of an open Democratic convention may grow dramatically over the next weeks. There is a name you should know: Governor Wes Moore. These have every potential to be exciting days for the Democratic Party, which must win in order for both America and the party to survive. There is no other way."

As Schmidt recommends Moore, Vice President Kamala Harris is gearing up to potentially take over Biden's role if Biden decides to step down, as reported by RedState's Ward Clark.


As names like Obama, Moore, Harris, Newsom, Whitmer, and more are thrown into the mix, things could become hectic. The upcoming months leading to the convention could be intriguing as we await Biden's and the DNC's decision.


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