Jen Psaki Admits Mandela Barnes Is Disconnected From Wisconsin Voters

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki appeared on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” and one of the topics discussed was the midterm election. When talking about Friday’s Wisconsin Senate debate between Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Democrat challenger Mandela Barnes, Psaki said:


“When [Mandela Barnes] talked about the insurrection, I think that was a little disconnected from what people in Wisconsin are feeling. I mean, crime is up in Milwaukee.”

Mandela Barnes will pretend to be a moderate Democrat, but his record shows otherwise. He is a far-left candidate, and if Senator Johnson focuses on that point, he will likely win his race. Barnes also called for abolishing ICE and “removing police funding,” but he denies calling for the defunding of police.

During the debate, Johnson called out Barnes and said he “incited” the 2020 Kenosha, Wisconsin riot. Johnson said:

“I also condemned the 570 riots that occurred during the summer. So many people ignored those. The lieutenant governor has made excuses for those rioters saying ‘Well what do you expect? They’re frustrated. If you want to talk about rioting, we should take a look at what happened in Kenosha. The day after the first night of rioting, when a used car lot was set on fire, instead of trying to calm things down, the lieutenant governor gave a press conference.”

“He incited the riot. He and the governor did not provide the manpower to stop the riots. So, if you’re going to focus on a riot, why don’t we focus on the 570 riots. 2,000 police officers injured.”


Crime and the economy will be the top issues in November, as most major cities have seen a surge in crime, and residents don’t feel safe anymore, while middle-class families’ pockets have been hit the hardest under the Biden administration.

This is not the first time Psaki has warned the Democrats ahead of the midterm election. As my colleague Nick Arama reported, Psaki previously said:

“If it is a referendum on the president, they [the Democrats] will lose, and they know that. They also know that crime is a huge vulnerability for Democrats, I would say one of the biggest vulnerabilities.”

Previously Psaki also spoke about the Pennsylvania Senate race between Mehmet Oz and John Fetterman. Psaki said:

“What’s been interesting to me is it’s always you follow the money, and where are people spending money. And in Pennsylvania, the Republicans have been spending millions of dollars on the air on crime ads against Fetterman because that’s where they see his vulnerability,”

Psaki has not minced words when speaking about the midterm election. As voters pay closer attention to the races, economy, crime, and other vital issues, the GOP candidates will have the edge. Psaki sees a red wave in November, so she is attempting to warn the Democrats.



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